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Have you noticed:

life has been impossibly challenging

in light of recent murders, on-going wars, continuing bigotry, and intensifying world violence?

Some of you, responding to my last blog post about choosing to be happy,

have asked how that’s possible given the state of the world and the depth of its problems?

This is what I think:

life is a beautiful, glorious, magical thing and (whatever happens)

it’s our responsibility to live it fully, to live it with purpose and passion,

and to work tirelessly to make it better.

Yes, life is full of challenges, setbacks, and senseless acts of utter incomprehension,

but our job is to weather what brings us grief

and to celebrate what makes us happy.

I struggle every day with news of more bloodshed and cruelty.

As an empath, as an intensely sensitive human being,

the plight of the Earth and her people

touches me deeply.

Frequently, I feel discouraged and powerless.

Sometimes, I even lose my way a little and get really scared.

What saves me is this observation by the Dali Lama:

2 happy 11

So it’s my job to choose happy, to choose joy, to work for peace, to vigil for justice,

racism kills

to raise my voice and open my heart

with all those of you who are,

in your own small, steady ways,

lifting up the light and holding the love too.

As an over-thinker, an over-feeler,

easily swept away by emotions that almost make me shut down completely,

I have to remind myself to :

2 happy 7

I have to remember that

2 happy 5

When the world gets particularly crazy, bloody, scary, and sad,

2 happy 9

I have to remember

2 happy 3

and that


So, this is what I do…

2 happy 2

I just keep on truckin’…

keep on loving, keep on teaching, keep on sharing, keep on believing…

How dare I look for happy in a world of chaos and bloodshed?

2 happy 8

I trust.

I trust the good. I trust the love.

I trust the great capacity of humankind to correct our course.

And when that doesn’t work, I pray.

In my own way. In no temple, at no alter, to no god. I pray.

“Divine Universe, please add my love to the cauldron,

my sweat to the struggle,

and my commitment to the cause

of peace.”

I know…


so I prevail–even when it’s soooo hard,

even when it seems hopeless,

even when I doubt we can do it.

I prevail.

In my home,

in my Creative Cottage,

in my LIFE,

this is what I stand for:

july 2 blog 2

I am learning to trust

that if we all do what we can,

with what we have,

where we are,

things will get better.


and do the hard work.


and spread the love.


and say your prayers.

Love From Kaitlin

The She-Bear

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Images With Thanks From Pinterest



6 comments on “LEARNING TO TRUST

  1. we love you and trust that our love will endure the situations…..I like your spunk….miss our face time….hugs and glad that you are being good to yourself…hugs to Albert too….<3

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