fort 15

O My Gosh!

It’s been a joy-filled, crazy-fun, totally exhilarating & completely exhausting,

“virtual” camping adventure with my Girlz With HeART!

What a hectic, beautiful, fun, creative BLAST the Girlz have had at our Fifth Annual Creativity Camps–

six different sessions with 10 girlz each!

Camp Mariquita (that’s “Ladybug” in Spanish!)

has been a magical, imaginary gypsy caravan,

with tent forts, sleepin’ bags on the floor, and nature-filled three day creativity activities.

Convened at the gracious homes of the 4 Core Grand Mamas 

(THANK YOU Elisa, Connie, Katrin, & Dell!)

who have kept this “impossible” wild, crazy, joyous riot of a dream of mine afloat…

fort too 6

My goal has been to provide a magical time of pure pleasure and shared GIRL POWER

for these young women, 7 to 12, who have had a rough ride

in foster care, group homes, transitional situations, and family crisis.

fort too 5

They built blanket forts to sleep in little clusters to read to each other, tell stories, and feel safe…

fort too

fort too 3

They did art making that enhanced their sense of esteem…

fort 5

fort 4

and they built their own forts

fort 12

from recycled cardboard.

They wrote poems and sang songs

and became their own “super heroes”…

fort 8

There were scavenger hunts…

fort 9

and campfires…

fort 7

and pure JOY!

It’s been such a heart-filling experience!

The Girlz had such fun thanks to all the loving support of so many!

Jillian, Candace, Janella, and Meritta were past graduates from the program who acted as camp counselors…

and Brandi, Connie, Tammy, and Leslie were the merry pranksters who came up with endless piles of food and drink.

Nancy S. donated a TON of brand-new clothing for the Girlz to treasure and Denise brought musical instruments for their delight…

Anne L. & Nancy G. donated so generously to make the fabulous field trips possible!

And I so need to thank my Beloved Albert for all his love and encouragement!

fort 3

It has been a grand time of esteem building, buddy bonding, scavenger hunts,

journaling workshops, nature walks, art play, and so much more.

They got to go to the Desert Museum on cool mornings when the park first opens

to spend some magical time with the caring staff behind the scenes.

They have been enjoying swim days at local community pools,

visiting the Children’s Museum, and learning to make art journals.

We’ve been having an amazing time and thank you all for your kind support over the years:

art supplies, clothing donations, encouragement.

I’m utterly pooped but have a huge grin on my face!

I’m so grateful to have all of you you in my life and in the lives of these amazing young women.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be do this work for the last five years!

fort 16

All particularly bittersweet for me as this is my last month leading Girlz With HeART…

it has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life!

Almost 70 now with some significant health issues, I find I just can’t keep up anymore.

The costs for insurance, transportation, supplies, and resources have tripled over the 5 and half years I’ve been offering the project.

Most of my original GrandMamas have had to pull back due to  health issues or financial challenges of their own.

Arizona’s broken child protective & advocacy agencies have tied my hands in a million ways and continue to put huge obstacles in the path of my program.

 My own rapidly declining personal and physical energies have also informed this very difficult decision.

fort 17

But not to worry,

I have been training a half dozen stalwart advocates to carry on the work within their own agencies and spheres of influence

and I have seen to it that ALL the young women in my program will be absorbed by other very worthy groups in town.

It has been such a pleasure to be a part of this work and to throw my whole heart into it.

These are our future leaders, dreamers, and achievers!

So Much Love & Gratitude To You and To Them 

From Momma Mariquita

“One thing’s for sure… If any one of us unleashes our creativity, our world will split open. We’ll find unprecedented ways of solving problems and expressing our souls, and our lives will be forever changed.”     Martha Beck

 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I’ll be taking a little break this next week…

fort 11

 © Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

P. S. Sooo many cool ideas from

and Pinterest!


  1. Greetings, Kaitlin. Reading this hurt my heart and filled my stingy eyes with a bit of a tear. I know how much you’ve given and how vitally important this work has been for and to you and that your own health is causing you such challenges that you must let it go is so sad. There is, of course, a time for everything and a season for all doings. I guess the time and season for this part of your journey is drawing to a close. There will be a different chapter beginning take good care of you and Albert block each other like crazy and enjoy as much time doing tho go together as is comfortable and practical for you. I am so grateful you started the Cottage and it grew to what it is so it was still alive when I finally decided I needed to check back in with my creativity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If there is some way I can help in that venue, please ask. Blessings galore. Love n light. Kim💖

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you dearest Kim! I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful years with the Girlz and feel they will be in good hands with new, vibrant energies to uplift them. I am so delighted to have you and the other fabulous dames who call The Cottage their creative home to share more fun and adventures with. Love From Kait

  2. Dear Kaitie congratulations on a job well done by you and Your minions. It is time for you to rest And I’m so glad you are taking the time for you and Albert. You have made a difference In many lives(mine too) Enjoy the next chapter. Much Love Berta

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks Berta! Loved this wonderful chapter of my life and am excited about whatever the next chapter will be. Come play at The Cottage and let’s catch up! Love Kait

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