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Oh My!

Holy Minerva!

You gotta laugh!

It’s just such a lively circus, this life!

I’ve been on an adventure of the exhausting, challenging, difficult sort…

caring for my dear friend Allan in San Diego as he recovers from major surgery…

with so many unexpected blessings along the way.

Such a humbling experience.

How vulnerable we are.

How quickly our independence is lost.

How fragile life itself is!

How important joy and friendship and merriment are.

mask 2

I had to leave Tucson rather suddenly…

with a very full plate

and an over-booked day-planner.

Full classes at the Cottage,

long anticipated workshops scheduled,

meetings, appointments,

& the usual busy muddle.

So many responsibilities

at home, with the Girlz, and  in my life.

But being at my friend’s bedside

was where I had to be!


My stay in San Diego was extended

as a result of Allan’s health setbacks…

but my loving circle jumped in:

Albert took on all the watering and critter tasks at home. (He’s such a thoughtful steward of our little nest!)

Anne fueled the merriment at the Fractured Saints class…

minerva 6 fs

minerva ss lucy

minerva 4 fs

Nancy G created a magical Soul Sisters circle!

minerva 10 ss

minirva 4 ss

Nancy S gifted the Girlz with such a glory of gifts–clothes & books & hand knitted caps!

Sister Kim has a whole new batch of baby goats

Kim & baby goat

and is creating a new art space in North Fork, California.

Karen Z is planning an adventure with her daughter Emily this summer in Iceland.

Mabel is tenderly caring for her Beloved Ed with all of our prayers & good tidings.

Beautiful niece Michelle is graduating from college and marrying in the fall.


Cissie is rebuilding her life.

Jayne & Dolores are struggling with some health issues.

Ann is mending a broken heart.

Marnie is taking some time to be with her Mom in California after her Mom’s stroke…

we are sending our love with her.

All of us seem to be going through “stuff & bother” as my friend Claire says.

But through it all, our magical tribe always pulls together!

party 3

So I’m happily back home…

(but I may have to dash off a gain

when Allan get’s released from the acute care facility)

and I’m regrouping

and refining

and plotting ideas for keeping The Cottage afloat in the coming torrid summer

when I’ll need to crawl into my sweet, dark, cool cave for the duration.

P. S.

My Beloved wanted us to have matching talismans

to carry with us while we were apart…

with our passion for archaeology we “unearthed” this:

Found last year in Denmark, Minerva’s Owl is about 2000 years old, a Roman Empire artifact.

The owl signifies wisdom and knowledge.

Minerva Danish Owl

After a careful scan of Etsy ( I LOVE Etsy!)

Albert found Lynn, aka Dragonzwench,



in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

She said she could create a replica for us.

Lynn did a remarkable job recreating the owl and, in our exchanges,

we feel we have found a new friend.

minerva my owl

I swear, there was some powerful mojo attached

cuz I managed to get through a very rough week

with the distinct feeling I’d been called on a spiritual odyssey–

full of unexpected moments of pure light

where my soul grew, even as my heart ached.

Through all of this,

I’ve had the great pleasure of deepening my love for Allan’s amazing family,

been blessed by the love & caring of the Cottage tribe,

and been reminded very vividly to heed my good advice:

slow down.



drink in the joy.

tea in bed

learn to let go and let be.

And, though it was a great adventure and I learned much,

I am so happy to be home!

I’m borrowing the gifts of Minerva to help me as I return to my life…

In Roman mythology, Minerva was the god­dess of wisdom.

In case of attack she was a war­like goddess,

but she had no desire for foreign conquest,

no sympathy with war, violence, and bloodshed.

She presided over agriculture and household arts—spinning, weaving, and embroidery.

She gave mortals the olive and taught them how to cultivate it.

Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, handicrafts,

poetry, and the arts in general. She is symbolized by an owl.

becoming (This beautiful image is from http://www.jessicasporn.blogspot.com)

Minerva’s Archetypes

The Teacher/ Inventor:

The Teacher and Inventor communicates knowledge, experience and wisdom.

The Warrior:

Archetype represents physical strength, and the ability to protect and fight for your rights and those of others.

Minerva is one cool lady!

Holy Minerva!

Watch for new classes,

some fun adventures for us to share,

and more opportunities for creative merriment.


I send you my gratitude and love.


Mistress of Merriment

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.