Wild Woman Rises!

wild 3

Lately I’ve been lamenting…

about feeling old (and in the way)…

crotchety & dowdy.

 I am less able to run & leap & dare & dream

and more inclined to just putter at home

than go out and save the world.

Global catastrophes;

war, famine, plague, and unmitigated cruelty

have shaken me to the core.

Dear family members 

and many beloved friends

are going through incredibly hard times

with health, financial, and family challenges.

I find myself less able to multi-task these days.

Juggling too many balls in mid-air

just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

I’m having had a hard time adjusting

to our highly technological (and thus, less human) world.

Suddenly, it seems,

I have so little time left

to have all the big adventures

I was sure I’d already have by now!

wild slip

I remember thinking as a child that no one

was gonna take the “wild” out of me.

I was determined never to grow up.

Never to conform.

Never to be afraid to live the wild, succulent life I dreamed of!

And then complexities of real life ensnared me.

Surviving a less than ideal childhood.

Getting a college education.

Jobs. Marriage. Kids. Career. Divorce.

Death. Disappointment. Set-backs.

Joy. Accomplishment. Travel.

What happened to the wild, excited child in me?


This week I got to thinking…

most of the stuff that “held me back”

or constrained me into being a “good girl”

is long gone.

I don’t have to impress a soul,

or live up to my “potential”

or “strive” in general.

I can reclaim my wildness now.

Wear what I like…(comfortable, colorful, arty),

Go where I like… (gray-haired ladies are almost invisible!)

Stay up until 3 a.m. working on an art journal page.

I can speak my mind

without fear I might be “over-stepping my bounds”

or, “gosh o’ mighty, heaven forbid!”

saying something “politically incorrect.”

I no longer fret about what others think of me

or fuss about how my hair looks.

I simply, happily, and FINALLY

feel at home in my own skin,

at peace with my own life,

able to remember

and to forget,

learning something new everyday

but continuing to honor archaic values,

deeply instilled.

I am free now to live my own life:

not my mother’s or the nun’s lives,

not the lives of my friends or

those who might judge.

The Wild Woman is coming back…

lumbering out of her safe cave…

stretching and hungry,

curious and eager

to explore.

I am…

wild 2

and ready to reclaim my wild & succulent life!

Won’t you join me?

Cottage classes for April & May are now posted–

(click on the Creative Cottage Classes tab above).

It’s time–

you deserve it–

if not now,


Make a commitment to yourself

to make room for friendship and laughter

and the deep solace of good women

gathered in circle, sharing their lives.


Remember your Wild Woman

and let her come out to play!

Giggles guaranteed.

(And there will be chocolate!)

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.



4 comments on “Wild Woman Rises!

  1. accepting what is re-cognizing the conditioned mind being saved from. all that!

    following the star, free! mari

    Sent from my iPad


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