This is how I picture Spring…

waterfall 4

but this is what I get in Tucson instead…

~Spring in Arizona~:


Bloom 2

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m glad for it…

each spiney, pokey, thing that blooms in this brief season…


But it has been a VERY rough road getting here the last few weeks…

My soul sister Sandi in the hospital for surgery,

dear friend Allan suddenly unable to get around,

Cissie unexpectedly losing her mate,

and my Sweetheart, back from his 2,500 mile personal odyssey connecting with old friends, colleagues, and family,

fell so ill that we had to cancel our long-awaited trip to the cabin in Portal.

I’ve met so many obstacles lately…

hundreds of lost files and pictures after loading Windows 10 into my old computer,

several of the young girlz I mentor caught in crisis in the broken foster care system,

all manner of things breaking down and falling apart…

not to mention crazy mean, hate-mongering politics!

Sometimes it’s just tooooo much!  

It’s so hard to believe that

Simple message you must believe.:

but I have to–

I have to put one worn sneaker in front of the other and keep on keepin’ on.

So I’ve been refurbishing the Cottage–

writing some new poems–

making some art–

listening to music.

And, I must confess,

I have a serious case of dizzy, dancing, head-in-a-flutter, laughing, playing,

not attending to important business at hand,

Spring Fever Phenomenon (SFP).

There is no known cure, it just has to run its course.

Strawberries and ice cream seem to help…and movies at The Loft…and spending time in nature.

"Woman are healing our mothers' wounds. Dance. Sing. Be still. Heal." / "All of us are healing wounds inadvertently passed to us when we were younger, and thru the truism of fractals and resonance, reaching back generations to heal our ancestors." ~Ayleyaell www.Lightkin.com:

Need I say that this raging Spring Fever is why I’m a little late in blog posting and conjuring classes for April & May…

(did you notice I have an excellent excuse each and every month?)

But the most exciting thing is coming this Friday…

Come join my friend Penelope Starr and me at Antigone Books on Friday night, March 27 at 7
for lots of very cool stories & poems.

It’s FREE!

It’s always such fun and I would love to be surrounded by friends!


Meanwhile, I want to thank you so much for being such a loving, supportive kinship circle…

helping each other through so many life changes, crises, and celebrations.

Beautiful! :: Greeting Card by LoriPortka:

Hang in there,

WHATEVER you are facing!

We can get through pretty much ANYTHING

if we sit in healing circle together at The Creative Cottage.

I love you…

classes for April and May posted in a few days…

Come join me at Antigone on Friday!

Happy Spring Fever!


Mistress of Vernal Merriment





By Kaitlin Meadows

4 comments on “HAPPY SPRING FEVER! (I Got It Bad!)

  1. BIG HUGS…….yes there is a lot on your plate….one foot in front of the other….you are so loved by all you come in contact with..you give lots of love back…..Thank you for being in our lives. Thanks for loving Sandi like the sisters you two are…she is doing very well…..and Lee is also. Thank you for the beautiful hand crafted birthday card you made for me with your special touches & sentiments. You are so creative. Love you , be well and Happy Birthday hugs from me…..:-).

    • Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Ski! So delighted that Ms. Sandi is doing well & Lee is healing too. You and Sandi are so precious and dear to me! May Spring bring us all many good tidings, continued healing, and lots & lots of LOVE!

  2. Sheeeeit, woman!! If you want an ear a should or a hug or helping hand. Call or email and let me help in some way if there’s anything I can do. So sorry to hear about Albert, your sister and all the others not so right stuff Going on. If I am back in time, I will see you on Friday. Not sure I will be but will sure send love and goodness your way, starting right now!! Take good care holler if ya need or want some support in any way. Love n Hope. Kim Sent from my iPhone


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