My Crazy, Messy, Wonderful Life!

march blog 2

(Image from the delightful Mary Engelbreit)

O My Gosh! I’m in the middle of a HUGE tizzy of creative activity!

march blog 6


My big, juicy art journal and basket of paints are spread out on the dining room table in a joyous riot.

My sewing machine is piled high with projects, including a whole new batch of art dolls I’m calling “Whimsies.”

(I LOVE this picture of the Cotton Monster  (aka Jennifer Strungle) in her studio–(check her out at

march blog 3

I have several clay projects in the kiln dripping yummy glazes.

The window sill is crowded with tomato seedlings.

From the oven, there are wonderful aromas of a delectable new dessert.

It’s my version of SPRING FEVER!

march blog

(Beautiful image from Maria Pace-Wynters)

So please forgive that the March classes are a little late…

and there is paint in my hair and the house could do with a good sprucing up.

Forgive that there are a million “grown up” tasks to do

and grave responsibilities to handle 

that I can’t quite get to at the moment.

Please be patient with me

while I play in the garden,

read under the covers, watch old movies until midnight,

and cavort in my own magical realm.

march blog 1

(Beautiful image “A Cozy Night” from Kim Parkhurst )

I’m giving myself some white space…some quiet space…some absolutely my own space.

It’s a time of regrouping for me.

A time of rest.

A time of dreaming up new adventures.

As artist Jamie Ridler reminds, “resting is part of the work.”

march blog 4Quote by Kurt Vonnegut

So I am taking two weeks off…

Next week my Beloved Albert and my happy dog Gus

will trek to a tiny cabin in Portal

to be dazzled by the migrating hummingbirds.

We’ll hike and have campfires and read and play and be recharged.

It’s all part of my quest to “leave room for the unimaginable,” as my favorite poet Mary Oliver says.

blog 2-12-1

(Image from the Crones Corner)

I LOVE my crazy, messy, wonderful life!

I hope I have inspired you

to make some time for yourself

(in this brief, fragile season of desert Spring)

to play and dream and read and be in nature.

We have such a tiny moment on Earth–

don’t waste it

being overwhelmed or afraid!

Kindle your inner flame–shine brightly–

open your heart to love and miracles…

AND come play at the Creative Cottage

with other amazing women who endlessly

inspire, delight, and enchant me!

march blog 5


Much Love and Happy Spring Fever from Kaitlin

(A lady of perpetual astonishment! )

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

4 comments on “My Crazy, Messy, Wonderful Life!

  1. Love the Kurt Vonnegut quote! I want to be ‘a lady of perpetual astonishment’ too! you made me feel light & bubbly! & wanting to create!! xox

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