Wild Woman Rises!

wild 3

Lately I’ve been lamenting…

about feeling old (and in the way)…

crotchety & dowdy.

 I am less able to run & leap & dare & dream

and more inclined to just putter at home

than go out and save the world.

Global catastrophes;

war, famine, plague, and unmitigated cruelty

have shaken me to the core.

Dear family members 

and many beloved friends

are going through incredibly hard times

with health, financial, and family challenges.

I find myself less able to multi-task these days.

Juggling too many balls in mid-air

just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

I’m having had a hard time adjusting

to our highly technological (and thus, less human) world.

Suddenly, it seems,

I have so little time left

to have all the big adventures

I was sure I’d already have by now!

wild slip

I remember thinking as a child that no one

was gonna take the “wild” out of me.

I was determined never to grow up.

Never to conform.

Never to be afraid to live the wild, succulent life I dreamed of!

And then complexities of real life ensnared me.

Surviving a less than ideal childhood.

Getting a college education.

Jobs. Marriage. Kids. Career. Divorce.

Death. Disappointment. Set-backs.

Joy. Accomplishment. Travel.

What happened to the wild, excited child in me?


This week I got to thinking…

most of the stuff that “held me back”

or constrained me into being a “good girl”

is long gone.

I don’t have to impress a soul,

or live up to my “potential”

or “strive” in general.

I can reclaim my wildness now.

Wear what I like…(comfortable, colorful, arty),

Go where I like… (gray-haired ladies are almost invisible!)

Stay up until 3 a.m. working on an art journal page.

I can speak my mind

without fear I might be “over-stepping my bounds”

or, “gosh o’ mighty, heaven forbid!”

saying something “politically incorrect.”

I no longer fret about what others think of me

or fuss about how my hair looks.

I simply, happily, and FINALLY

feel at home in my own skin,

at peace with my own life,

able to remember

and to forget,

learning something new everyday

but continuing to honor archaic values,

deeply instilled.

I am free now to live my own life:

not my mother’s or the nun’s lives,

not the lives of my friends or

those who might judge.

The Wild Woman is coming back…

lumbering out of her safe cave…

stretching and hungry,

curious and eager

to explore.

I am…

wild 2

and ready to reclaim my wild & succulent life!

Won’t you join me?

Cottage classes for April & May are now posted–

(click on the Creative Cottage Classes tab above).

It’s time–

you deserve it–

if not now,


Make a commitment to yourself

to make room for friendship and laughter

and the deep solace of good women

gathered in circle, sharing their lives.


Remember your Wild Woman

and let her come out to play!

Giggles guaranteed.

(And there will be chocolate!)

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.



This is how I picture Spring…

waterfall 4

but this is what I get in Tucson instead…

~Spring in Arizona~:


Bloom 2

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m glad for it…

each spiney, pokey, thing that blooms in this brief season…


But it has been a VERY rough road getting here the last few weeks…

My soul sister Sandi in the hospital for surgery,

dear friend Allan suddenly unable to get around,

Cissie unexpectedly losing her mate,

and my Sweetheart, back from his 2,500 mile personal odyssey connecting with old friends, colleagues, and family,

fell so ill that we had to cancel our long-awaited trip to the cabin in Portal.

I’ve met so many obstacles lately…

hundreds of lost files and pictures after loading Windows 10 into my old computer,

several of the young girlz I mentor caught in crisis in the broken foster care system,

all manner of things breaking down and falling apart…

not to mention crazy mean, hate-mongering politics!

Sometimes it’s just tooooo much!  

It’s so hard to believe that

Simple message you must believe.:

but I have to–

I have to put one worn sneaker in front of the other and keep on keepin’ on.

So I’ve been refurbishing the Cottage–

writing some new poems–

making some art–

listening to music.

And, I must confess,

I have a serious case of dizzy, dancing, head-in-a-flutter, laughing, playing,

not attending to important business at hand,

Spring Fever Phenomenon (SFP).

There is no known cure, it just has to run its course.

Strawberries and ice cream seem to help…and movies at The Loft…and spending time in nature.

"Woman are healing our mothers' wounds. Dance. Sing. Be still. Heal." / "All of us are healing wounds inadvertently passed to us when we were younger, and thru the truism of fractals and resonance, reaching back generations to heal our ancestors." ~Ayleyaell www.Lightkin.com:

Need I say that this raging Spring Fever is why I’m a little late in blog posting and conjuring classes for April & May…

(did you notice I have an excellent excuse each and every month?)

But the most exciting thing is coming this Friday…

Come join my friend Penelope Starr and me at Antigone Books on Friday night, March 27 at 7
for lots of very cool stories & poems.

It’s FREE!

It’s always such fun and I would love to be surrounded by friends!


Meanwhile, I want to thank you so much for being such a loving, supportive kinship circle…

helping each other through so many life changes, crises, and celebrations.

Beautiful! :: Greeting Card by LoriPortka:

Hang in there,

WHATEVER you are facing!

We can get through pretty much ANYTHING

if we sit in healing circle together at The Creative Cottage.

I love you…

classes for April and May posted in a few days…

Come join me at Antigone on Friday!

Happy Spring Fever!


Mistress of Vernal Merriment





By Kaitlin Meadows

My Crazy, Messy, Wonderful Life!

march blog 2

(Image from the delightful Mary Engelbreit)

O My Gosh! I’m in the middle of a HUGE tizzy of creative activity!

march blog 6

(from www.inspirationde.com)

My big, juicy art journal and basket of paints are spread out on the dining room table in a joyous riot.

My sewing machine is piled high with projects, including a whole new batch of art dolls I’m calling “Whimsies.”

(I LOVE this picture of the Cotton Monster  (aka Jennifer Strungle) in her studio–(check her out at  https://www.etsy.com/shop/cottonmonster)

march blog 3

I have several clay projects in the kiln dripping yummy glazes.

The window sill is crowded with tomato seedlings.

From the oven, there are wonderful aromas of a delectable new dessert.

It’s my version of SPRING FEVER!

march blog

(Beautiful image from Maria Pace-Wynters)

So please forgive that the March classes are a little late…

and there is paint in my hair and the house could do with a good sprucing up.

Forgive that there are a million “grown up” tasks to do

and grave responsibilities to handle 

that I can’t quite get to at the moment.

Please be patient with me

while I play in the garden,

read under the covers, watch old movies until midnight,

and cavort in my own magical realm.

march blog 1

(Beautiful image “A Cozy Night” from Kim Parkhurst )

I’m giving myself some white space…some quiet space…some absolutely my own space.

It’s a time of regrouping for me.

A time of rest.

A time of dreaming up new adventures.

As artist Jamie Ridler reminds, “resting is part of the work.”

march blog 4Quote by Kurt Vonnegut

So I am taking two weeks off…

Next week my Beloved Albert and my happy dog Gus

will trek to a tiny cabin in Portal

to be dazzled by the migrating hummingbirds.

We’ll hike and have campfires and read and play and be recharged.

It’s all part of my quest to “leave room for the unimaginable,” as my favorite poet Mary Oliver says.

blog 2-12-1

(Image from the Crones Corner)

I LOVE my crazy, messy, wonderful life!

I hope I have inspired you

to make some time for yourself

(in this brief, fragile season of desert Spring)

to play and dream and read and be in nature.

We have such a tiny moment on Earth–

don’t waste it

being overwhelmed or afraid!

Kindle your inner flame–shine brightly–

open your heart to love and miracles…

AND come play at the Creative Cottage

with other amazing women who endlessly

inspire, delight, and enchant me!

march blog 5

(From www.ForEveryMom.com)

Much Love and Happy Spring Fever from Kaitlin

(A lady of perpetual astonishment! )

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.