feb 16 1

I’m going to level with you. I’ve been in a quandary. A real quandary.

Spring 13

The Creative Cottage is five years old this month! WoooooHooooooo!

Five years ago I dared dream I could create a magical place for women to come play, make art and share stories.

I had no business plan–no capital–no investors–no experience–

but I had a big juicy vision and a huge beautiful dream

and I went for it!

feb 16 13

And you helped make it fly.

You came to my classes and celebrated at my potlucks and we became such good friends!

Playing At The Cottage!

I have felt so completely blessed by The Creative Cottage and the tribe of magical women who have made it their second home!

You have enriched my life with your friendship, enthusiasm, and loving support of the Creative Cottage and the Girlz With HeART.

It has been an amazing rollercoaster of mostly pure joy…

do the impossible

but, frankly,  I’m wearing out…falling apart…losing momentum.

feb 16 6

(Spider Woman By Susan Seddon Boulet)

I’ll be 70 this year.

My chronic, acute Lyme Disease is taking a toll.

Rent & art supplies are going up.

My Sweetheart is officially retired now and wants a side kick for day trips and adventures.

I have a million other dreams urgent to fly.

The needs of the Girlz I mentor are endless and heart challenging.

There are two dozen art projects–including a new collection of poetry–languishing

because I just can’t seem to make enough time in my life for them.


I need your help.

Please give me a little grace period.

I need a one week monthly sabbatical.

One week off from The Cottage every month

(starting in March)

to do my own thing, refill my own tanks, and make my own art.

feb 16 9

Here’s my plan.

You’ll step up and offer to teach something you know or are passionate about at The Cottage.

(Remember: Part of my mission has been to empower YOU to share your creativity!)

You’ll design a class, a workshop, a gathering suitable for sharing at The Cottage

to help me out…you’ll make sure you show up & pay for classes you signed up for…

AND you’ll continue to share your overflow of art supplies, paper towels, and JOY

with me.

My old, beat-up, prickly heart is so full of love for you…

please help me keep going!

prickle heart

Much Love From Kaitlin

Mistress of Muddle, Magic, and MERRIMENT!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.



10 comments on “CHA-CHA-CHANGES!

  1. Kaitlin, I read your post and felt immediate total EMPATHY. How brave of you to ask for help. Our Turning the Page book group here in Honolulu operates on a very similar principle. Each member is responsible for one of the monthly show and tell and demonstrate some aspect of the book arts. In papermaking, I am doing team teaching and it lightens the load tremendously. I am also pushing for a “studio class” where people who know what they are doing to can make paper for their own projects …I am there but do not have to teach. Share the load and everyone wins. The best we can do is to “pass in on”. When your life is in balance, all else falls into place. Wishing you total happiness in your new adventure. Lovee,Allison Roscoe

  2. Hi Katalin,

    I’m so glad you are standing up for your self den mother! Us cubs need you to stay strong. If you need to conserve your energy , go right ahead. Almost 70 is as shocking as if you were 30.

    My mom who lives in Green Valley is going to be spending the night on Friday. If you have 2 openings for this Saturday I would love to come.



  3. Dearest Kaitlin,

    So happy to hear you recognizing the need of your heart AND asking for help to carry on at the Cottage, as well as to nourish yourself!! I’m up to my ass in sparkly alligators itch gem show and do travel as you’ve heard but I am very willing to help with offering things at the Cottage. No way ready at the moment as it is a brand new thought and idea for me but willingness is the first step. Love and nurturing vibes to you. Go play! Kim

    Sent from my iPhone


    • thanks kim! i’m sooo happy to have decided to take tiny sabbaticals…my life is so lovely & precious these days…i cherish every one of them. i am blessed to have a wonderfully little tribe of consorts, willing to hold my place while i wander off now & then to evolve!

  4. Hi Kaitlin,I was worried about you and understand completely your need for a time out.I don’t know how to do anything that I could give a class on but I sure can help you with supplies.  If there is anything in the way of equipment or a special supply that you need let me know and Michael will put it out on his pipeline.

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