Where The Heck Is Kait?

happy face

Have you been wondering?

Off the map for almost a month…lost in space…full of mischief…gone to Botswana?

No, just drifting along in my own magical world…

trying to recharge after the tizzy of the holidays, hoping to rekindle my creative spark,

taking a workshop from my dear mentor Catherine Nash, and just muddling about in my own happy fog.

And, did I mention,

having a fabulous, glorious reunion visit with my beloved sister Kim

who brought me the most amazingly embellished new overalls?

Kim w Kait's New Overalls

We were like this wonderful Inge Look image below…

two silly sisters up all night talking and laughing and sharing stories!

jan16 1

And I’ve been enjoying all the things that come with this lovely pre-production, spring-feeling weather!

jan 16 2


The music of wonderful local musicians Sabra Faulk and Mitzi Cowell at the treasure that is La Cocina downtown

(one of our favrorite places for great food & local music)…

The sweet, joyous Italian family Zoppe Circus.


The incredible performance of Bogue of Cats at the world-class Rogue Theater!

And fun classes & potlucks at the Cottage with the beautiful women who make our tribe such a delight!

The picture below says it all–

Creative Cottage wimmin want to be in the front row (NOT the third row!)

front row

So what else have I been up to?

Doing the things I love…


Reading “H is For Hawk” and “The Forgotten Garden”

seeing the beautifully crafted “The Danish Girl”

singing along to all the David Bowie songs I know while the whole world mourned the loss of such an elegant soul.

And taking a new series of clay classes,

clay sculpture

writing a whole new batch of poems,

and sharing little adventures with my Beloved Albert.

The time just raced by and I lost track.

Sorry if you worried about me.

Just having too much fun I guess…

because this is what I have recently learned…we have to

trust the journey

and be willing to do what it takes to replenish our hearts, fill up our souls, and overflow with joy!

So don’t give up on me…

I’ll post some very fun February classes in a day or two and I hope you’ll want to come and play…


john irving

Life is as beautiful as we chose to make it…

when all else fails, hug your sister

Kim sisters

and make art–especially at The Creative Cottage!!

Paint Smears

Love Love Love  from Kaitlin

Mistress of Merriment



© Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved

Some pictures borrowed from Pinterest with gratitude.





I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little slow getting started in 2016.

I often have no idea what the day or date is…

and I’m already behind on things I faithfully promised myself I’d do in 2016!

There is PLENTY to do

but I can’t quite get motivated to begin.

I have good intentions. I really do.

I make lists.

I have new daybooks…some quite pretty.

But, whatever the excuse–(and I have plenty of them, all very colorful!)–

I just seem stuck in neutral, coasting, hoping to get my second wind.

I’m calling this little “time out” to regroup a “well-spring moment”

As in, “Excuse me, I can’t possibly go to that silly board meeting, or sell your raffle tickets, or listen to even one more moment of your melodrama–

because I’m on a holy pilgrimage to my wellspring to replenish my life force.” 

I know it doesn’t sound like I’m doing anything–but, trust me, the wheels are turning.

And my wardrobe for this deep period of  metaphysical transition? Flannel  p. j. bottoms, an archaic paint-splattered t-shirt (three sizes too big), and fuzzy slippers. Attractive huh?

And the menu for this fraught journey tilts heavily toward the crunchy Cheetos and mashed potatoes end of the spectrum. Let’s just say, there are very few Brussel sprouts happenin’ over here.

But here’s what I’ve come up with…Be gentle with yourself. You’re fragile. You’re frayed. The holidays were wonderful but challenging. The world is falling apart. And, what about that barometric pressure?

Anyhow, while I hibernate a bit and ponder…here’s a little visual mini-vacation for you.

Won’t you come along with me, breathe in the air of adventure, and take a little weekend trip to Bisbee!

mural 1

Art abounds in Bisbee!

The architectural styles are amazing, the atmosphere is low-key and dog friendly, and the tiny town has not gentrified or glitzed itself up!


It has such an extraordinary history! The Bisbee Mining Museum is a great place to learn more…and please pay special attention to the Bisbee Deportation chapter–(we never seem to “get” that hatred and violence aren’t the answer to ANYTHING!)


My Sweetheart & I went up to Bisbee for a “stolen weekend”–between Thanksgiving and Christmas–

to just “get away” and re-enchant ourselves.

street art

 I used the delightful Annual Bisbee Altered Book Fair (held to benefit the Bisbee Community Library) as my “excuse”…

and the “altered” books were AMAZING–check this out:

altered book 2

and this beautiful butterfly made from pages of a library “discard” book…

book butterfly

We had a wonderful, peaceful, gentle weekend…

freshly ground coffee & shmeared poppy seed bagels…tasty meals in “working class” cafe’s…

plus my sacred tradition of visiting the Main Street thrift store crammed with cool junk.

Not to mention the eclectic art galleries!!!

art bee

We loved being tourists–just tramping around, stopping to roost and re-nourish as needed, going to bed early and getting up late!

Won’t you please try it…

Call it an “artist date” or a zen retreat or an important business meeting–but just go!

Get away, one over-night, get out of your element, be on an ADVENTURE!

alley art

And then come back to play at The Creative Cottage with cool wimmin who KNOW how to have FUN!

Happy New Year!

And remember…

bathroom mirror

Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

P. S. And here is my tip for the day: Make your dreams SMALL! 

(I get sooo annoyed with those “DREAM BIG” folks–my idea is to go joyously through my life celebrating a million small dreams that are coming true rather than waiting for the big “pie in the sky” dream to manifest itself! 


By Kaitlin Meadows