Let’s Make 2016 Crazy Amazing!

jan 4

“I want to think again

of dangerous and noble things

I want to be light and frolicsome

I want to be improbable, beautiful

and afraid of nothing,

as though I had wings.”

Mary Oliver

Life is such an adventure!

2015 was a huge challenge for me (health, unexpected setbacks, a crisis of faith or two)

but, also,

a fantastic, joy-filled year

with my Beloved life-mate Albert,


my amazing Creative Cottage tribe,


the magical Girlz With HeART,


and my beautiful reunion with my dear Lil’ Sister Kim!


(Please pop by The Cottage on January 22, 10 to 2 for our Artist’s Salon so you can meet her!)

jan 9

As 2016 begins,

I’m feeling soooo much better,

my health is slowly returning

because I’m FINALLY doing more

to nourish myself…

to breathe…

to sleep…

to prioritize living

a creative, compassionate,

heart-connected life.

It sounds simple doesn’t it?

But it’s more complicated than you might imagine.

I’ve always driven myself really hard, 

gone the extra mile,

done a million things in a complete tizzy.

But this last year, humbled by illness,

I realized I had to take a new path…
life you love

and so I have.

In the process I learned…

winter blog 8

and that has helped me open my heart

to greater patience, compassion, and

generosity of spirit.

So here are my goals for 2016…

jan 12


jan 2

But meanwhile, I am going to

jan 10

and I hope you’ll join me

by coming to The Cottage to play…

there are a few seats left in a few classes in January,

snap them up as soon as you can!

I’ll have lots of creative adventures to share with you in February–

email me at: paloma@dakotacom.net

to get on my class schedule list!

Hoping this will be a crazy amazing New Year for all of us!

I send you love, peace, and giggles,


Mistress of Merriment

jan 11

Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Images with gratitude from Pinterest




By Kaitlin Meadows

2 comments on “Let’s Make 2016 Crazy Amazing!

  1. Glad you are well Kaitlin…did not know you were not for a while. I am adopting your 10 goals for the year… and how the heck do I get a Picture Rocks Pride t shirt?! Love…Stephanie “Jo “

    • Hi Jo~
      Yep–I have Lyme disease and sometimes I have quite a battle with it but I’m much better now that I’m taking better care of myself. Picture Rocks Pride was a grant I wrote for our community several years ago that included roadway clean-ups and community spirit. I ran a contest in local schools for the design and we had a 100 t-shirts made which quickly sold out! I love our quiet little village! Let’s do something to celebrate it together in 2016…Love Kait

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