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It was everything I hoped–healing, relaxing, fun, and  restful!!!

The weather was exquisite.

The company was superb.

The sea was endlessly entrancing.

I could feel the sea air expand my lungs and fill my spirit with pure JOY!

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I’ve always been a Beach Babe and known that the sea had a particular, healing hold on my heart.

Ending up living in Tucson (for all its charms!) was a hard bump for me and I found myself craving the beach with every fiber of my being as the summer heat became intolerable.

I started planning my beach trip way back in March and clung to it like a life-raft as the temperatures soared.

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And then (VERY inconveniently!), I got very ill this summer…


In the midst of delirious fevers and great waves of weakness, I almost let go of my beach dream…

but my wonderful friend Karen Zopf

Karen Beach 3

wouldn’t let me!

She insisted it was just what the doctor ordered and that we HAD to go!

So I HAD to, quick, start rebuilding my health and reviving my spirit so I could go.

Because the illness nearly killed me–I knew I had to radically change my life, eliminate all the things that were not life-enhancing, stop “over achieving,” and finally learn to slooooooooooow down!!!

No two ways about it. Not “someday.” It was a very hard lesson but it was also a huge breakthrough!

You all know that I have been TALKING about it for years–but the illness FORCED me to make the changes!

 I am so very grateful for that!

It’s time to embrace a new mantra…

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With your help, that’s my plan!

I’m leaving behind lots of old responsibilities and obligations…

Re-inventing my daily life to include more time for FUN…

Prioritizing much more time for my Beloved, my friends, art making, solitude, and time at the sea.

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You will see some changes at The Cottage–deeper, longer classes and more chances for “artist dates” and “play days.”

(Go check out October’s classes by clicking on the Cottage Classes banner at the top of the page and come join me!)

You will see some changes in me–more willingness to “go to lunch” or come play in your studio with you.

I think you will be pleased.

I am determined to continue to be the Mistress of Merriment in ways that keep me well and happy and full of enthusiasm.

I am going to follow this good advice:

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So, I’m back from the sea…Ocean Beach with all its funky fun and relaxed vibe did its magic!

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Please come celebrate life and enjoy creativity at The Cottage as Tucson welcomes autumn!

Much Love and Mermaid Kisses,


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

4 comments on “HOME FROM THE SEA!

  1. welcome back birthday girl…..Down by the Sea…..love the water……glad that it was good for you……now it is time for FALL…..the heat needs to be GONE…..hugs

  2. Oh Kaitlin, I’m so happy you and Karen had a great time at OB! I knew you would and I was so sorry to miss our trip but I was with you in spirit and wishing you a fabulous time.

  3. It was exquisite! We got to the beach just after the rain and every day was beautifully sunny for our three times a day habit of: beach shore walk at dawn for treasures, before lunch sit & stare & dabble our feet in the water, and ceremonial sunset watch every evening. Really missed you! Next year’s trip is only 359 days away! Start packing!

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