marnie mermaid

I’m off (at last!!!) on my great beach adventure!

Dear friend Marnie Ehlers captured the feeling so beautifully in her watercolor painting!

I feel like a magical sea creature already!

Some people are desert people (bless & keep them!)–some people are mountain people (a lovely place to be!)–

but me–I’m a Beach Bunny through and through!


And after this long, hot, malaria summer I feel the beach tugging fiercely at my soul and enticing my battered spirit to re-emerge!

The beach is my very best medicine!

mermaid 2

So, off I go…on my summer road trip…

with my boogie board & an ice chest full of yummy snacks…

net bags for collecting beach detritus…

beach bum clothes…

summer reading and no ambitions!

Here is where you’ll find me…


at the seafood cantina…

beach 4

at the end of the pier, marveling at the magic of the sea…

Beach 14-7

And watching every sunset I can!!!!!!

I won’t be completely wild–I will be  following VERY strict beach rules…


and I’ll be with REAL mermaid sidekicks…(like these from Cory McCory!)

mermaids 3

in my own little groovy hippie summer world…

groovy summer

I’ll update you when I get back home…meanwhile…

merma 4id

I’m sailing into the mystic! Bon Voyage!

Love & Salty Sea Kisses,

From Mermaid Kait

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