heart in hand

Heart in hand, I thank you for your amazing out-pouring of love and concern and just plain amazing support after my last blog post!

Whooooooosh! I’m surrounded by such love and compassion! THANK YOU!

Sooooo…I’m especially excited to report that life is changing so happily for me.

First, it is September at last! My natal month. A month sooo much more congenial to me than all the sizzling summer months.


And I have found a new healing path for what has been ailing me all summer!


(Image by Mary Engelbreit)

My spirit is returning!

My energy!

My optimism!

My joy!


(Image byMary Engelbreit)

The Girlz With HeART program is thriving and branching out in new, unexpected ways, with new leadership stepping up!

AND, in ten days, I’m going on a beach trip!!!!!!


Sooooo…thank you for your love and encouragement and rallying around me until I could find my way back on track!

I’m happy to share with you that I’m doing so well,

feeling so much better,

the clouds have lifted,

and, is that the salt air blowing in to enchant my September?


Woooohooooo…September at last!

I’m looking forward to sharing  all kinds of new adventures,

spending time with old friends,

having fun with all the amazing women who come to The Creative Cottage to play,

and returning to my happy, creative, joy-filled life!!!


THANKS for being such fabulous allies & encouragers!

Much Love & Gratitude From Your Friend Kaitlin

(Who is back on the road to wellness and enchantment!)

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows

3 comments on “SEPTEMBER AT LAST!

  1. Thank You to all of you who have written and called and sent fond greetings–Thea, Penelope, Karen Z, Judy Mc, Kathleen, Karen S, Mary H. Nancy K, Mnimaka, Celeste, Nancy G, Robin, Ann H, Deanna, Vicki D, S & S, Mari, Anne L, Lucy, Marnie, Cherrie, May-Bella, Cissie, Kathy Mc, and all of you who have nourished me with your love and compassion. Especially to my Beloved who is taking such wonderful care of me! Every day stronger, happier, and more deeply at peace! Thank you and much Love From Kaitlin

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