That’s the real problem, isn’t it? In every aspect of our lives. There’s plenty of time! Tomorrow. I’ll get to that real soon.

One of these days. Next week maybe. Missed sunsets…lost precious moments.

sunset at santa monica

This last week I’ve had occasion to note how tenuous and fragile our strand of life is and how unbidden calamities and unwelcome surprises can cut it short in a second.

Several good friends are going through very significant health issues…others are on rocky, perilous paths. There are a few heartbreaks, some betrayals, and a friend blind-sided by a lay-off after 37 years on the job.

A few got stuck with their “to do” lists still in their hands when the curtain dropped. We lost a fabulous local musician Stefan George this week plus thousands of people around the planet caught in the cross-fire of war & famine & misfortune. 

All had lives and families and PLANS! All were precious and loved by someone!

I’ve taken all this to heart in my on-going “learn as you go” philosophy of life.

Then, WHOMP! I realized…

I’m sooooo danged lucky! I have you…crazy beautiful Babes that you are!

girlz gone wild

I have The Creative Cottage. I have the Girlz With HeART. I have my wonderful Sweetheart and my own little patch of hardscrabble desert.

Yikes! My life is bountiful! I am a part of the Great Wheel, a feather in the raven’s tail!

medicine wheel

So, in honor of all those who have lost their precious, fragile strand of life this week…and for all those who are going through muddles & messes of their own…try to remember…


and let’s remind each other…


And MOST IMPORTANT: Let’s not take ourselves too danged seriously!

crone clown

Life is but a dream…slow down, play more, love those dearest to you with all your heart!

With Love and Gratitude From Kaitlin

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved

(Thanks, as always, to Pinterest for pictures!)


  1. as usual, most lovely and right on!!!  you always seem to get that “nail” smack dab centered!!!  love you and thanks!!!!!

  2. So true my friend…..We too have friends at the end of the road….waiting as soon they will be crossing over to the light…one with alzehiemer’s, another with brain & lung tumours…I am going to visit them today……on Saturday we will celebrate the life of a dancer friend who no one expected to leave had a massive heart attack….thank you for sharing the love and being in our lives……so glad we got to visit you two this past June as we drove through your neck of the woods…..(I mean …..desert 🙂 ) xxooo….it’s all about the love…..<3

    • It’s very humbling, isn’t it, dear Ski? We’re of an age when our comrades are quietly falling and we are slowing down…thank goodness we have such lush & lovely memories of fantastic times shared in our wonderful friendship!

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