The boil & glare of our waaaaay too long,

beyond sizzling,

torrid summer

has taken such a terrible toll on me this year!

I haven’t been well for a couple of months.

I refer to it as my Malaria Summer.

Fevers & chills in great roller coaster bouts. Absolutely no appetite. Energy at half speed. Joy a bit harder to generate.

First thing, let’s get this absolutely clear.

I’m NOT a desert person. I HATE this heat–dry or wet! I HATE losing so many months of living outside (I’m an outside person) in the killing Tucson summer time. I HATE being captive in an air conditioned tomb.

I’m like a lizard, I take on  the temperature of my world.  I overheat in the garden before noon, exhaust myself before 3 pm, and grieve terribly when I can’t even go out in the evening because it’s too danged hot! I shiver in the air conditioning. If I try to do anything outside, I feel the sun’s intensity eat me alive. I lose almost six months a year in Tucson! And I just don’t have that many months to lose!

I am an Irish lass–I like green, cool, wet. My realm is mountains, rivers, and the sea.

Sometimes I feel I will die in this place of drought and intolerance.

This has been a no good, awful, terrible, rotten summer. I haven’t had a single danged “get-away” and every time I’ve planned to take some time off for fun, I’ve gotten ill or some other catastrophe has sprung up. Despite boldly announcing I was going to take a few days here and a few days there to play….nothing came of it. Nothing.

So here I sit, at the edge of September, completely emptied of any love of place or circumstance…I’m quite sure if a gypsy caravan came through on its way to ANY place cool and green, I’d run away from home in an instant!

full moon woman

Having exhausted every bit of positive “self-talk” I could muster, having masked every disappointment of not having even a moment of cool respite this whole summer, I defaulted to my wisdom keepers. I am a follower of Cerridwen–the full moon goddess said to live on an island in a lake (be still my heart!), who helps artists and dreamers by offering solace and renewal. I decided to let the moon replenish me this month…

blue moon

and to pretend summer is OVER and to start having some FUN!

watching moon riseSimon Silva

Like millions of women all over the world for thousands of years,  I watch the full moon rise with wonder and awe–drinking it in, filling my heart with it, recalibrating my internal tides!

And things began to shift…Out of the blue (teehee) Teresa sent me this lovely handmade postcard!

Blue Moon

And I had such fun hanging friend Lucy‘s art work in her studio, reconnecting with my old friend Ellie, spending several days on adventures with my wonderful friend Karen Z., letting my animated new art friend Bill give me a fabulous “behind the scenes” tour of the photographic museum and its archives, and sharing juicy life stories with smart, sassy Penelope S.  I had lovely lunch at Café A La-cART with delightful sidekicks Anne and Teresa. I celebrated creativity and happiness with the amazing dames who call The Creative Cottage their second home.

AND I’m hatching plans to go kayaking with my water baby friend Kathy Mc and hiking with my soul-sister Penny P. and, for my birthday in mid September, I’m sooooo excited to be going on my Girlz Road Trip to the beach for a few days!

Cuz… I’m learning

don't put off

So, this September, I am filling myself back up….endowing myself with pleasure, enjoying my life again…

moon viewing

finding the peace, the quiet, the cool I have sooooo missed!

If you have any wild, wonderful ideas for FUN, if you want to share a matinee or take a morning stroll, if you want to go to lunch, or sit under Mother Mesquite and make some art–let’s DO IT!!!!

I’m not waiting another moment, I’m not postponing any longer, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!!!!

she decided

The Malaria Summer is OVER!!!

Come join me for the autumn FUN!

Love and Moonglow and No More Malaria Days!

The Mistress of Merriment is Baaaaack!!!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows



That’s the real problem, isn’t it? In every aspect of our lives. There’s plenty of time! Tomorrow. I’ll get to that real soon.

One of these days. Next week maybe. Missed sunsets…lost precious moments.

sunset at santa monica

This last week I’ve had occasion to note how tenuous and fragile our strand of life is and how unbidden calamities and unwelcome surprises can cut it short in a second.

Several good friends are going through very significant health issues…others are on rocky, perilous paths. There are a few heartbreaks, some betrayals, and a friend blind-sided by a lay-off after 37 years on the job.

A few got stuck with their “to do” lists still in their hands when the curtain dropped. We lost a fabulous local musician Stefan George this week plus thousands of people around the planet caught in the cross-fire of war & famine & misfortune. 

All had lives and families and PLANS! All were precious and loved by someone!

I’ve taken all this to heart in my on-going “learn as you go” philosophy of life.

Then, WHOMP! I realized…

I’m sooooo danged lucky! I have you…crazy beautiful Babes that you are!

girlz gone wild

I have The Creative Cottage. I have the Girlz With HeART. I have my wonderful Sweetheart and my own little patch of hardscrabble desert.

Yikes! My life is bountiful! I am a part of the Great Wheel, a feather in the raven’s tail!

medicine wheel

So, in honor of all those who have lost their precious, fragile strand of life this week…and for all those who are going through muddles & messes of their own…try to remember…


and let’s remind each other…


And MOST IMPORTANT: Let’s not take ourselves too danged seriously!

crone clown

Life is but a dream…slow down, play more, love those dearest to you with all your heart!

With Love and Gratitude From Kaitlin

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved

(Thanks, as always, to Pinterest for pictures!)


be happy 2

It’s been a long, hot summer! The Creative Cottage has been full of wonderful artists working on beautiful projects, the Girlz With HeART Summer Leadership & Creativity Camp served 68 amazing young women, and, somehow, WildHeart Ranch survived severe drought and much less monsoon than we needed!

And through it all, my Sweetheart & I stayed happily in love–just two old sillies!

old folks

But it’s time for a little break–

I haven’t taken any time off this summer and I’m a little frayed…

O–I’m not leavin’ town, going to some fancy resort, jetting off to Venice


or, chasing the sunset in Costa Rica

costa rica sunset

(which, of course, would be my FIRST choice!!!)


I’m just going to stay home and get the garden ready for fall vegetables…

stay home and clean out the closet (where in the world do all those clothes I can’t imagine ever wearing come from?)

Stay home and watch old Turner Classic movies!

I’ll do a lot of Virgo work–cleaning, sorting, organizing–on the theory that…


In short, I’m just going to stay home and BREATHE…

cuz I need to remember to…


I’m solemnly promise not to over-achieve in any way…I may not even get out of my pj’s unless it’s absolutely necessary!

I have a stack of library books, a pile of art supplies, lots of Netflix to watch, and no ambitions what-so-ever!

Which is not to say that I don’t have plenty to do.

The “to do” list is five pages long.

(There are projects en progress from a year ago!)

But what I’m going to do instead…

is make this little art smock

art smock

and a big pile of gelli plate papers for my art journals!


I’ll be “doing stuff”–just NOT the “HAVE TO” stuff!

My mantra this week  is…

more play

Please join me in whatever way you can–

find a few hours for fun, make a few hours for creativity, give yourself permission for a luscious little nap.

Just say,

“the Mistress of Merriment made me do it!!!”


“It’s a joy full life. I believe when all else fails love always wins. I believe in practicing courage every single day.

I believe kindness changes everything. I believe in telling our messy, complicated, beautiful stories.

I believe nothing is wasted and everything shapes us.

I believe in letting go and trusting the process.

I believe we are all part of something beautiful, something bigger, something deeply, profoundly, astonishingly…good. “

I love this quote from Kelly Rae Roberts (who is one of my heroines!)

      blooming 2

It’s exciting…next week I’ve been asked to give a presentation about “What I Believe” for about a hundred young women who want to become mentors.

At first I was utterly overwhelmed!

YIKES! What DO I believe?

Well, it turns out…it’s kinda simple really!



And, yes, it’s definitely harder than it sounds–but so worth the effort!

Very early on in my own life I decided…


 I believe life is about our choices and…

I choose

That old adage about “the company you keep” is also important…


And just try to…

where you are


beauty happy

It’s taken me a very long time, but now, I


and, in my classes & counsel sessions with Cottage friends, I urge us all to…

future dreaming

I’ll tell these young women to…

remember who

and to…

work for a cause

I’ll tell them that they need to…


and remind them…


Finally, these are the lessons it’s taken me all my life to learn…

in the moment

embrace the mess


what's in heart

Above all else…


and I believe that laughter is the best healing medicine of all!

smile again

It is my goal is to remind them that …


Soooo, what do YOU believe? What shaped and guided what you believe? How do you share what you believe with others? How have your beliefs changed?

 Click on the little white cloud at the top of this post and tell me!

And wish me luck at the big conference…

I am so humbled to be asked and so grateful to have beliefs that have served me so well that I can share!

Whatever else you do in life,

Believe with all your heart that you are a special, wonder-filled, amazing creature!

you matter

NOTICE: You are hereby allowed to be happy, to love yourself, to realize your worth, to believe in great things, and to be treated with love and respect.

Much Love From Kaitlin

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Pictures and much inspiration from Pinterest.