My heart is BURSTING with love!

traci bautista

(Art above by traci-bautista)


I’m just wrapping up an intense, exhausting, exhilarating, fantastic summer of Creativity Camp with the Girlz With HeART program! 

(Hence the lateness of this post and tardiness of my much promised August/September schedule of classes!)

The Girlz are so lively and bright, full of dreams and up for any adventure! They have so much ENTHUSIASM and Joy!!!

They are like tiny flowers bursting through the rocky terrain of their lives–determined to bloom despite the odds!

she did it

What I have learned from the Girlz could fill volumes…they constantly inspire and re-enchant my Muse…they constantly remind me

inner child

I find myself crying a bit, celebrating the amazing love & support of you, my wonderful tribe of Creative Cottage women, as I’m trying to express my gratitude for you in my life.

So many of you have been incredible fairy godmothers to the girlz: anne, maybella, cissie, thea, nancy s, dolores, lucy, the green valley scrapbookers, diana, gogi, the wonderful women of PaperWorks, karen z, judy mc, marnie–yikes–I’m probably forgetting many other fairy godmothers too–sooooo many of you who have been so thoughtful and supportive!


hearts a bloom“Hearts On Fire Copyright Sharon Cummings”

Next week the Girlz return to school (they are sooo excited!) and I’ve finally seen to it that they each have all their required school supplies (geez–when did a kid have to bring sooooo much “stuff” just to be able to go to school!?!)

I’ve cobbled together all their inoculation records, school transfers, and guardianship paperwork (no small feat!)

They each have new shoes & an outfit or two, a new hair-do, and all the little things one needs to make a big splash as an outstanding student and citizen of childhood!

What a summer it has been! I’m so proud of them!

They have worked so hard to move through the huge obstacles life has placed in their paths.

My greatest gift to them is that each of the Girlz enters this new phase of her life knowing in her heart…

you are loved c2

So thank you ALL for supporting me and the Girlz through your gifts and by taking classes at The Creative Cottage where we can share our own deep friendships and delightful dreams!

I love you and am so grateful for your support!

Check out the August/September schedule of classes by clicking on the Creative Cottage Classes tab on the top header of this page!

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And thank you for letting me be just who I am–frazzled and silly and hard-working and compassionate!

With you by my side beautiful tribe…

just who I am

With Much Love and Gratitude From MOM (The Mistress of Merriment!)


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows

3 comments on “HEART ON MY SLEEVE

  1. THANKS to all my teacher friends who reminded me that the reason kids have to bring so many of their own supplies to school is that education in Arizona is such a low priority, teachers are paid so miserably, and there isn’t even enough money for fundamentals–let alone supplies! THANK YOU brave, inspired, committed teachers for all the work you do in a very broken system to enchant the lives of so many young people!

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