My heart is BURSTING with love!

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I’m just wrapping up an intense, exhausting, exhilarating, fantastic summer of Creativity Camp with the Girlz With HeART program! 

(Hence the lateness of this post and tardiness of my much promised August/September schedule of classes!)

The Girlz are so lively and bright, full of dreams and up for any adventure! They have so much ENTHUSIASM and Joy!!!

They are like tiny flowers bursting through the rocky terrain of their lives–determined to bloom despite the odds!

she did it

What I have learned from the Girlz could fill volumes…they constantly inspire and re-enchant my Muse…they constantly remind me

inner child

I find myself crying a bit, celebrating the amazing love & support of you, my wonderful tribe of Creative Cottage women, as I’m trying to express my gratitude for you in my life.

So many of you have been incredible fairy godmothers to the girlz: anne, maybella, cissie, thea, nancy s, dolores, lucy, the green valley scrapbookers, diana, gogi, the wonderful women of PaperWorks, karen z, judy mc, marnie–yikes–I’m probably forgetting many other fairy godmothers too–sooooo many of you who have been so thoughtful and supportive!


hearts a bloom“Hearts On Fire Copyright Sharon Cummings”

Next week the Girlz return to school (they are sooo excited!) and I’ve finally seen to it that they each have all their required school supplies (geez–when did a kid have to bring sooooo much “stuff” just to be able to go to school!?!)

I’ve cobbled together all their inoculation records, school transfers, and guardianship paperwork (no small feat!)

They each have new shoes & an outfit or two, a new hair-do, and all the little things one needs to make a big splash as an outstanding student and citizen of childhood!

What a summer it has been! I’m so proud of them!

They have worked so hard to move through the huge obstacles life has placed in their paths.

My greatest gift to them is that each of the Girlz enters this new phase of her life knowing in her heart…

you are loved c2

So thank you ALL for supporting me and the Girlz through your gifts and by taking classes at The Creative Cottage where we can share our own deep friendships and delightful dreams!

I love you and am so grateful for your support!

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And thank you for letting me be just who I am–frazzled and silly and hard-working and compassionate!

With you by my side beautiful tribe…

just who I am

With Much Love and Gratitude From MOM (The Mistress of Merriment!)


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows


creative people

Here’s some soul babbling–what one of my young mentees calls “steam of consciousness!” And steam it is…born from the stewing cauldron that has been this long, hot summer.

Working with my Girlz With HeART Program all summer at our Creativity Camp has been exhausting, exhilarating and soooo much fun! And, as usual, I am learning quite a lot about myself in the process!

At Creativity Camp we stress leadership, intelligence, compassion, and service. These are the elements of a life well-lived in my book. In my own life I’ve always been driven to “do the right thing,” be thoughtful, energetic, and self-effacing.

But underneath all those “virtues” was a keen sense that I was not quite enough. Never quite smart enough, never quite “good” enough, never quite “accomplished” enough.

I know, I know…silly to take humility to such an extreme. Silly to join the legions of women with so little sense of self-worth. But it was, as I say, it was sold to me as a “virtue” to be cultivated. And I was nothing if not obedient to high expectations.


don't believe

That’s the advice I give the Girlz about their own “story”–one often blighted by abuse, neglect, and a very strong message that they are not wanted. I tell the Girlz not to believe that sad story but to “rescript” it to become one brimming with promise and potential.

Have I not been listening to these lessons myself?

So, lately, I’ve come to practice the very fine art of believing in myself. It has been a bumpy road and, sometimes, I slide comfortably back into beating myself up for some (mostly) imagined short-coming, but, more often than not now, I trust that the life I’m living embodies all the “virtues” I know to be real–kindness, creativity, service, and leadership.


Working with the Girlz has taught me to live my best life, to think my highest thoughts, and to believe that I am doing my best life’s work.


I know now that I am on the path that lifts my soul to the light, that is the culmination of all the very hard lessons my life has brought me. The life I live now best uses my real “virtues,” the ones that live in my heart and not in my head.

When in doubt, I always revert to the values learned in my hippie years, when I lived collectively with a band of merry pranksters who honored the land and fashioned a simple, “small footprint” life that focused on hard work, joy, music, and community involvement. 

hippie thoughts

These virtues are my “religion” and they have always served me very well.

So now I practice what I preach. I feel blessed by my life…however much more of it I am gifted to have left.

I have a new mantra…

Mary Oliver

And that is the message I want you to embrace from these warblings…from my “steam of consciousness”…

Live your best life. Push back the obstacles. “Rescript” the tired old story that you are not being enough or doing enough!


And celebrate this, as I do…


May the universe bless you!

Love to you from the Mistress of Merriment–who IS enough, who DOES enough, and who HAS enough!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.


House of Heart

These long, hot, sultry summer days offer great opportunities for me to fill my heart with all my favorite things…reading a great book (I’m soooo enjoying the writings from the Dark Mountain Project ), going out to hear our amazing local music (this week the incredible “I Hear Voices” with special guests Sabra Faulk & Heather Hardy–contact Kathy to see if there are any seats left: Kathleen Harris: knharris82@gmail.com), and seeing inspiring movies (“A Little Chaos” about a revolutionary landscape designer commissioned to construct King Louis XIV’s sumptuous garden at Versailles this week at our local art film theater treasure The Loft).

That’s about all I can manage with all the long hours it takes to keep my beloved critters and gardens at WildHeart Ranch thriving through the summer. 

june garden 3

That and doing Summer Creativity Camp with the Girlz With HeART Program that I mentor. These sassy, spunky 7 to 12 year-old little dervishes inspire, delight, and utterly exhaust me (in a good way!)…AND, offering classes at The Creative Cottage for cool wimmin like you to come play, laugh and make art together!!!

My heart’s on fire with joy and gratitude!

heart fire

And, Saturday will be our Fifth Annual Frida Kahlo Birthday Party and Open House at The Cottage…Come on over and enjoy the festivities! (feel free to bring your friends who might enjoy a glimpse at The Cottage!)


Frida’s Birthday Party Open House: Saturday, July 11, 10 am to Noon: Our annual celebration of our patron saint Frida. We’ll have a little art making adventure and share another wonderful opportunity to celebrate Frida together! Please come join me for a few hours of free fun, frolic, and yummy summer fruit & cake!

frida 2

Meanwhile, remember to stoke your heart full of summer delights, stay cool, pray for rain, and get your red ladybug bubber boots out–just time to play in the monsoon puddles!

red bubber boots

Love & Merriment,


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.