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Summer in Tucson, Arizona. Temperatures in the 100’s. Utterly sizzling days that don’t cool off much at night. Glaring light. Shriveled plants.

Too hot to go out and play. Too hot to work in the garden. Too hot. Tooooo HOT!

I HATE summer in Tucson, Arizona. My spirit shrivels with the plants. 

I’m a transplanted California beach and mountain girl. I need green.

creek roar

I need large bodies of water. I need shade and cool and spending my days outside. I need kayaking on the river with my beautiful sister Kim.

Kait Up A Creek

I need playing at Ocean Beach with my pals Marnie and Karen.

Beach 14-13

I need to “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

Beach Sunset 5

I need anything but this sweltering, unrelenting HOT!!!

But I’m here. I live here with my Beloved in a little house that is full of love and laughter and good times. My wonderful Creative Cottage is here where my amazing friends come to create. The Girlz With HeART are here to bless me every day with their optimism and joy.

This is where I am! Here. Tucson, Arizona. And for many months a year it is the most wonderful place in the world to be. But summer makes me forget all that…I dread it coming, I complain when it arrives, and I grouse every day that it goes on.

And then something amazing happens to make me soooo grateful to live in Tucson, Arizona again (even in the summertime!)

It happened last Sunday morning. My Sweetheart and I were out before dawn to get the watering done before it got too hot.

We discovered our ceres cacti were in radiant bloom!


We’d been watching the buds form, checking the status of their plumping every day. But it’s always such a delicate dance–did we get rain at just the right time, are the night temperatures warm enough, will all the elements come together for their amazing bloom?

And that morning, magically, dozens of them burst open to enchant us in the cool morning air, the hour of golden rising light.

ceres 3

We stood in absolute awe. We inhaled deeply their intoxicating fragrance. We watched the bees nuzzle into the pearly petals in an absolute swoon of excited pleasure. We watched the bunnies


and the quail happily bopping around. We marveled at the cardinals, curved bill thrashers, doves, and finches celebrating at the feeders. We delighted at the antics of the young road runner. Roadrunner-1-1-15

It takes two hours every day, working together, to keep our lovely oasis afloat but it is soooo worth it.

All this long, hot summer, I will remember the fragile blossoms and their soft perfume.

ceres 6

It’s all about making peace with what is. Being grateful for what is. Being attentive to what is. Celebrating what is!

We love our small, rural, universe that embraces the natural world and her creatures. We find these moments here so nourishing and we feel so blessed to be able to share them.

The world seems an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable place. Often people seem oblivious & unfeeling–if not downright hostile & unkind. We are getting older and more rickity. We live on a very frayed shoestring that barely covers expenses. Our days of significant travel, summer vacations, or new  possesssions are long gone.

But we are blessed. Beyond measure. We are blessed. By this little island of sanctuary. By our friends and critters. By our love for one another. Blessed!


“And above all watch,

with glittering eyes,

the whole world

around you

because the greatest secrets

are always hidden

in the most unlikely places.

those who don’t believe in magic

will never find it.”

Roald Dahl

Keeping looking for the Magic.

Keep finding moments of Joy.

Love one Another.

Come play at The Creative Cottage.

Happy Summer Solstice

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows 2015. All Rights Reserved.






  1. Kaitlin- Do you want to come up one day and play in the paint outside? Its so lovely and cool up here I know you would enjoy it…. I would love your company and a chance to get creative…. It is VERY GREEN here. You can stay overnight if you want in one of our rooms. I would love the opportunity to just create with you. Let me know. Nancy Hubby can come and also and relax….

    • O what a wonderful invitation! I’m so jazzed! Just what I need! Getting away from the heat and scald of Tucson for a day & night would be a dream come true. I’ll email you and let’s make it happen! What FUN! Thank you!

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