The days are busy, the list is long, the hours are short…but I am trying harder every single day to make more time to play!

Play is at the heart of my happiness. Getting out my paint box, scribbling in my art journal, reading the wonderful pile of library books always beckoning–that’s what feeds my soul, not ticking off: “do the dishes, make the bed, clean the garage.”

I find I get waaaaay more done on my TO DO List if I take time to play.

By not scolding and berating myself for not doing all the stupid, meaningless “chores” I’ve assigned myself, I find time to open a cookbook to a random dessert recipe and make it! When I’m not feeling overwhelmed and sitting around feeling like I’ll never dig out from under the millions of tasks (literally!) that I’ve assigned myself, I love sneaking out to laugh at the antics of the butterflies in my garden. When I stop beating myself up for all the beautiful fabrics I’ve bought over the years thinking I was going to make all my own clothes,  I love sewing the colorful scraps together to make little quilts for throwing over me while I’m watching Masterpiece Theater. 

My Pinterest boards are filled with a zillion magical projects I hope I live long enough to try–but, if I don’t, I love DREAMING about them!

Yup–there are plenty of things to fill up my mind and take up my time,,,but, still, I try to find time to daydream about being a mermaid who lives in a little cottage by the sea or building a fabulously funky tree house with a ladder I can pull up–“No Boyz Aloud!”

I believe creativity is a divine spark that requires constant kindling. Despite the “nose to the grindstone” old Calvinist adages that make play seem somehow wicked and wasteful of one’s precious time, Einstein and I think…

creativity is intelligence-mysticmamma-com

So, just cut yourself some slack (and maybe a slice of that yummy new dessert that you just pulled from the oven), go outside and sit in the garden for a moment, take your journal and a slew of colored markers, breathe…


Stop waiting for “free time”–stop waiting for life to get easier–stop kidding yourself that “one of these days” you’re gonna take time to play. Just go do it!


It’s not about your accomplishments: all the tasks you have done or all the chores you will do.

It’s not about only allowing yourself to have fun “when”: when you lose ten pounds, when all our clothes are neatly mended & ironed (and hanging in color-coordinated splendor in your organized closet!), or when your oven is spotless…Stop listening to the big, loud, bossy voices in your head that say you can’t or you shouldn’t or “maybe later.”

Claim some time, make some room, give yourself the gift of a little fun, find a way to make yourself giggle and grin!

You deserve it–you’ve earned it–you’re WORTH it!


It’s the wild, precious, wonder-filled YOU that the world needs, that your family needs, that your friends need! It’s YOU–messy, muddled, crazy, silly, non-stressed YOU!!!


And remember–

I love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE because when I extend you that grace, I can claim it for myself!


(Or come on over to The Creative Cottage where lots of us convene to eat dessert, make art, and just BE!

Love And Happy Play!

From Kaitlin

The Mistress of Merriment

©Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

3 comments on “GO PLAY!

  1. Thanks everyone for your wonderful invites to come play–and to Thea for the wonderful boxes of spare art supplies for the Girlz With HeART Summer Enchantment Workshops! I feel so lucky to have you all in my life and the life of the Girlz!

  2. Okay big sister, I hear you loud and clear, all work and no play makes for a very dull existence so here I go up to the Studio to have some fun!! Sending you love and laughter and contentment deep in my belly.

  3. O I wish I could just climb the stairs up to your studio and we could play together for hours, with snacks and giggles and tons of fun!!! You are always in my heart and I love you sooooooo!

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