“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


RumiIn these first moments of 2015, I have a trillion things to be grateful for…I am doing what I love to do, with people I respect and admire, at my beautiful Creative Cottage, in my amazing community, at my rural home at WildHeart Ranch, desert scene 2and I am happy in my own heart. I am mentoring courageous young women and inspiring spirit-filled women artists.  I am protecting the archaeology of Arizona and educating others about it.  40,oooo Indonesia I am writing poetry and creating art journals and expanding my garden and loving my family and being enriched every day by a wonderful circle of friends.

party 3

Life is beautiful and precious and fleeting…my wish for you is to use every moment of 2015 to celebrate it! Like this reminder from Michelle from Cosmic Cowgirls:

My Wish For You

And come to the Creative Cottage to play and hang out with other wonderfully lively and creative beans!

This New Year I’m going to try to have at least a blog post a week for you, lots of fabulous classes, AND the launch of Creativity Chix–a new venture that offers monthly Artist Dates, cool field trips, artsy news, AND a Monsoon Magic Muse Retreat in July at a wonderful get away spot not too far from Tucson!

So stay tunedlife is beautiful and we are going to have us some mad, crazy, wonderful fun together!

Check out the classes for January…I’ll have February classes out in a few days…sign up quick for classes and start your inspired, creative, FUN 2015 at The Creative Cottage!create

Happy, Happy New Year!

Much Love and Gratitude For You!

Your Pal Kaitlin

©Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.




By Kaitlin Meadows

2 comments on “My 2015 WISH FOR YOU

  1. Happy New Year to you too Kaitlin! You are a treasure and I am so happy to be your partner for Creativity Chix! Looking forward to all the fun classes and play dates at Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage and Artists outings with Creativity Chix in 2015!

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