purposeMy goal these days is to deepen and enlarge my personal sense of purpose and passion! My heart is wide open working with the Girlz With HeART and the fabulous wimmin who call the Creative Cottage their inspirational artistic home! I feel incredibly blessed by my life with my Beloved (Albert) on our little hunk of desert sanctuary (WildHeart Ranch) and I am learning, each and every day, new ways to stay grounded in appreciation, to be in constant celebration of the ordinary, and wildly in love with the small moments of utter joy!

So in this very busy season–in this time of changing seasons–in this potentially stressful crunch of holiday festivities (false & true)–take a moment, make a cuppa tea tea timeand watch the hummingbirds outside the kitchen window…look for ways to matter to this fragile world Smilestay rooted in the deep loam of your creative passionopen your heart to creativityyourcreativityisagiftand remember that we are just briefly wayfarers on this lovely blue planet and our most important job is to love one another with all our hearts! marnie's heartMany blessings of the season to you my friends and fellow wayfarers!


Kaitlin, Mistress of Merriment

Passionate Steward to Joy & Wonder

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