Magnificent Autumn!

Magnificence-1This is a beautiful reminder from Leonie…”I am ready, willing, able to let go of fear…I am ready, willing, able to be magnificent!”

This has been a wonderful, juicy, exciting time–I LOVE autumn!!–I had a fabulous time camping–I read, read, read books, books, books and wrote poems, poems, poems, and just sat outside in the cool breezy GREEN Santa Rita’s absorbing the DEEP PEACE of nature in every single cell.

I returned to my beautiful hearth renewed and recharged…time for making the fall garden, dragging out the sewing machine to make some new vestments, conjuring some fun new classes for November at The Cottage!

“What one does is what counts, not what one had the intention of doing.”


AND…da daaaaaa….working to reorganize and recreate my art studio at home…(which is really just my old garage)…Outside StudioIt’s full of “FABULOUS POTENTIAL!” (Plus boxes of junk and “stuff” and “this and that” and “storage”)…just like real life I guess. How much of what clutters up our minds and souls is just a reflection of what clutters up our lives?

In the summer it’s just toooo blimey HOT out there to work (or play) but on these lovely, cool autumnal days, it’s PERFECT for making art–painting, sewing, working with clay, creating art journals! I just have to work to get it all sorted, clear off the big work table, and DIVE IN!!! Studio 3Studio 2There is a little library area with an art doll named Gertrude Schwartz (see her below–she has curlers in her hair!)BerniceAnd there is a great corner table flooded with light… Studio 5I love having all my creative tools organized and at my fingertips…????????

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Amelia Earhart

So, picture me out there on these lovely, lyrical autumnal afternoons working to make the space and my life MAGNIFICENT!you can do thisFind a project of your own that de-clutters your mind, heart, and soul…make a space to make ART…make a space to let the JOY in!!!

You can do this–we can do this–magnificence awaits us!

And come to The Cottage to play and tell me all about your project!

Love Love Love and Happy Autumn

From The Mistress of Merriment (And Mirth!)

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.