The Mermaid Is Home!


mermaid121212Had a beautiful time! LOVE Ocean Beach–the perfect blend of old hippie charm, funky beach town, and fantastic ocean fun! Beach 14-10It’s amazing what just getting away for a day or two can do for your spirits! Beach 14-3As some of you know, I was kinda “runnin’ on empty” before I left. It’s been an extraordinarily busy time with the Girlz With HeART Project getting all the young ladies safely back in school and The Creative Cottage has been rockin’ with classes (I promise pictures and news in the next blog post!)–and I’ve been trying to cram the usual ten tons of fun into my five pound bag!

So getting away was fabulous–I really am a mermaid and I love the sea! Beach 14-14Ocean Beach is full of artsy little places and touches…Beach 14-11there is a fabulous Farmer’s Market every week on Wednesday night–with booths spilling with flowers, veggies, and delicious food…crafts and face paintersBeach 14-9Beach 14-2Beach 14-8…and the dogs!–every person seems to own a funky old bicycle and a very cool dog! I love the fabulous contrast between the lush green and the dazzling ocean.Beach 14-12Beach 14-6…I love being able to walk out on the longest concrete pier on the West coast for a little breakfast in the café suspended over the ocean!…Beach 14-13I love the laid-back, easy, relaxed philosophy of the place…Beach 14-1Beach 14-5

Marnie and I shopped and talked, walked and talked, sat by the beach and talked, sat in the courtyardBeach 14-4 and talked, and generally had a blast (talking all the time)!

It was awesome…we hated to leave…but we’ll be back next year for another girlz road trip!Beach 14-7
Thanks for hangin’ in there with me…thanks for coming to The Cottage for fun classes, and thanks for being my friend!

More news & pictures of recent class projects, more cool pictures of my Tucson Museum of Art adventures, and much more general merriment SOON! (Watch this blog!)

P.S. Please check out my work at the Raices Gallery through October 11th.Raices Sept 14
© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

3 comments on “The Mermaid Is Home!


    Thanks for being in our lives….Hope you are having a great day….We are having HEAT WAVE…Looks like you are having wet …Glad you had a fun time in OB.
    Hugs Ski & Sandi
    You are loved

    • Thanks sooos much dear friends–I’ve been having a beautiful birthday–my Sweetheart has made it such a fun day! No significant rain yet…but I have my red ladybug bubberboots and brellie out just in case! Love you and all who have called and sent cards and gifts–I’m soooo blessed!

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