“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!”Saguaro SunsetGreetings PlayMates~

Have you been wondering what the heck happened to the Mistress of Merriment and where the blazes (literally!) is her schedule of new classes????? I hope so! Here’s the short version of the long, gory story…minus all the anguished hair-pulling, speaking in curses, and decidedly “As The World Turns” melodramatic elements–fill them in on your own and don’t forget the expletives!

People murmur about “Mercury in Retrograde” and sun spots and karma and all manner of random cosmic dysfunction. For the most part (usually) I’m able to slip through these calamities. And even if I do, per chance, have a setback or two–I get through it. People don’t call me Suzie Sunshine for nothin’! I was raised to sort of “buck up” and get on with things, not whine or complain, not take myself or anything else so seriously that I fall off the rails. But lately…it’s been a real challenge. I mean, even Suzie Sunshine has her limits!

The short list is:

I had to invest a couple of thousand dollars in my beloved 2002 Subaru Forester (BaRoo) BaRoo to keep her on the road…I love that car! She’s the first new car I ever bought and I paid for her with my very own hard earned money and we’ve shared many fine adventures together over the years–200 thousand miles worth! People said, “well the Blue Book says she’s only worth a couple of thousand dollars and maybe it’s time to let her go…” AAAAARRRRGGGGGH! I recycle, up-cycle, green cycle everything in my life and I’m not about to let BaRoo go! You’ve probably seen her around town–she’s covered in bumper stickers, has ladybug seat covers, has a stuffed bear sidekick named Scruffy on the passenger seat. BaRoo 2The good new is I found the most wonderful local auto mechanics and they patched her back up beautifully and didn’t even blink when I told them her whole life story and why I loved her so! Check out JayBees Auto Services at 790-6035 ( and ask for Shelly–she’s amazing!

Okay–and then Shazaaaaam (!)I had a HUGE computer CRASH and for a breathless week I was without a computer (how the heck did we get soooo dependent on these danged contraptions?!) No e-mail contact list, no documents, no picture archive, ALL MY SOFTWARE WIPED OUT!!! But the amazing folks at Computer Renaissance somehow got her back together and retrieved EVERYTHING! (Call them at 888-8100 and ask for Faraz Zein who is a great tech!)

Then the Girlz with HeART Summer Leadership and Creativity Camp responsibilities hit a real crescendo and we had several setbacks and complications and “opportunities to grow.” The good news is that the Girlz themselves pulled together and creatively managed to problem solve, re-adjust, and come back stronger and more positive than ever. They are utterly amazing little people! creative girlThrough your kindness in donating so many great things for their “jumble sale,” they have decided to make the whole month of August their fundraising focus. Instead of having their Jumble Sale at The Cottage on Saturday, August 2, as they’d originally planned, they decided to have sales all over Tucson & Marana, in their neighborhoods, at their mentor’s churches, and at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet to maximize their earning potential. All proceeds will go directly into their fall/winter activities with their gratitude to all of you for your fantastic support of their hard work to evolve into happy, productive, creative “little beans.”

And, finally, I’ve been going through  “seasonal distress” as my Sweetie calls it. It’s been tooooo hot, not enough rain, toooo much war and strife and mean-spiritedness in the world, and I’ve been feeling a tad hopeless, helpless, “old & in the way.” Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes even Suzie Sunshine hits the skids!

But, thanks to all your love and encouragement and the general joy in my life,Punkin with friends I’m feeling sooooo much better and have a whole new list of classes for August to share with you (check out the Cottage Classes tab above)! Thanks for hangin’ in there with me!

More soon. Please sign up (over to the right of this post) to receive the blog in your “in” box to keep up with all the crazy news of my life and to0 see if there are seats in my classes. There will be special class offerings just for folks who read the blog too! My plan is to write a blog post every week from now on, update status on classes, add pictures of students and their work, and generally share news of books and movies and fun activities with you. See the “My Favorites” tab above for all the news about Marnie’s very cool arts retreat!

And, meanwhile, celebrate your life, create something every day (sign up for some Cottage classes!) and remember that your pal Kaitlin is sending you love!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Peace In The Realm



Green Buddha“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains,

at he huge waves of the sea,

at the long course of rivers,

and they pass by themselves

without wondering.”

St. Augustine

Everyone seems to be “on holiday” but me! Thea went to Santa Fe, Polly has been in San Diego, Jenna is in Paris, Lucy off  to Texas, Gogi camping in the cool mountains…Alice is doing Wild West shows in the Midwest,  Miranda is at a writer’s residency in New England. But I’m here, in Tucson, for another sizzling summer! Taking care of our beloved WildHeart Ranch is a full time job in the heat. Stewarding and celebrating WildHeart is at the center of what my heart is called to do. Our tiny piece of the diverse and magical Sonoran Desert is home to so much LIFE! redWe have coyotes, roadrunners, tortoises, cardinals, jack rabbits,jackand sometimes, diamondback rattlers to make it interesting! Western Diamondback_1There are gardens to tend…garden flowersjune garden 5and art to make, books to read, movies to watch, naps to take, and the wonderful peace that comes to our realm in the heat of summer.

Creation of anything…a poem, a healthy plant, a happy critter, a safe place for Great Horned owls to roost..Great Horned Owl_1is my heart’s true calling…so WildHeart is the place I vacation in summer…eager for monsoon, the drench and downpour, the thunder and lightning andlooking forward to the new green gush that will come!

wildheart flagThis is my plan:

Begin here.

Then move forward.

Keep going.

Rest frequently.

Look around.

Celebrate along the way.

Ask questions.

Listen to the answers.

Talk to people.

Be quiet.

Laugh a lot.

Try not to be scared.

Be grateful.

Spread joy.

Keep going.

Enjoy the trip.


The journey

Is the adventure.


Happy Summer my friends–wherever you are–BE THERE–fully, happily, and with gratitude!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.