“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato

And that’s exactly how I met my dear friend Marnie Ehlers!

Marnie & Berta @ CottageTen years ago, we both found ourselves at a weekend creativity workshop where we didn’t know each other or any one else. Our instructor asked us to pick a partner for a collaborative project and all the other women quickly paired up. I was new to Tucson and trying so hard to fit in and make new friends but suddenly I felt shy and awkward. Beautiful Marnie looked over at me, smiled,  and said, “Let’s do it!” We had so much fun in that workshop together! It was uncanny. We shared the same kind of oddball humor and neither one of us followed directions very well. The project involved writing down our individual dreams and having the other person be our “accountability partner” to encourage and help motivate us. It was such a wonderful surprise that we both had very similar quirky dreams and shared the same playful style of interacting. It was such a lucky moment in my life meeting Marnie and she continues to inspire and amuse me every day! When I dared dream up The Creative Cottage three and a half years ago she became my biggest ally and most enthusiastic supporter. We’ve spent hours and hours (and hours!) sharing stories and dreaming our big dreams together. Last summer we shared our famous summer girlz road trip to Ocean Beach in California and had such a blast (see last summer’s blog post and pictures)!Marnie beach Marnie is amazing and such fun! I feel so lucky to have her as my friend and “accountability partner.”

 “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”

Marnie has her own business too (Good Muse Designs) and it’s great to be able to share ideas, issues, and inspiration about our businesses together. Marnie is such a talented jewelry artist Marnie_Ehlers.risingsun.compressedand a really wonderful teacher–patient, encouraging and inspiring! I think my wonderful clients at The Cottage would LOVE taking a class with Marnie…here is a list of her summer classes! Marnie will show you a super fun and unbelievably easy way to make your own custom metal jewelry using metal clay*! No experience is needed and her classes are suitable for all levels.

Single session Introduction to Metal Clay Classes $55 includes: fine silver metal clay(6.3g), tool use and firing!marnie_ehlers.intro class sampleM.Ehlers_silverearrings

Saturday, June 28; 11:00 AM- 1:45 PM at Tucson Stained Glass, 4444 East Grant Rd, Tucson

Tuesday, July 1; 10:00 AM- 12:45 PM at Blue Raven Art School, 3054 N. First Ave, Tucson

Tuesday, July 8; 10:00 AM- 12:45 PM at Blue Raven Art School, 3054 N. First Ave, Tucson

Tuesday, July 15; 10:00 AM- 12:45 PM at Blue Raven Art School, 3054 N. First Ave, Tucson

Pre-registration is required, class size limited. Call Marnie 520-390-6627.

*What is metal clay? Think of it as “moldable metal!” Metal clay is a clay-like medium used to make jewelry, beads, and small sculpture. It consists of microscopic particles of metals (such as silver, gold, bronze, copper or steel) mixed with an organic binder and water. Metal clay can be shaped like soft clay. After drying, it can be fired in a variety of ways including in a kiln, with a hand held, high temperature gas torch. The binder burns away, leaving the pure, sintered metal. If you have wanted to try metal clay or want to create more advanced work in metal clay this is the class for you.

And, if you’re going to be in San Diego in September, join Marnie at the prestigious Metal Clay By The Bay conference where she will be teaching and sharing her work…check out her latest fantastic creation!

Marnie.Ehlers_seahorse pendant-1Compmarnie-ehlers.seahorse 2comp

Marnie Ehlers


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Marnie is my muse and my BFF! Call her to sign up for her classes or see her fantastic jewelry! You deserve some new bling!

Marnie & Kaitie

“The more you create, the more you become the truly unique human being you are called to be.” Christina Acosta

 Love to you dear friends and happy summer!

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All rights reserved.

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