Sisterhood is Powerful!

unlock dreams“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” Isadora James

It’s a miracle! One of the greatest moments in my recent life! Something I have hoped for, dreamed of, spent years praying to all the angels and goddesses aboutI reunited with my little sister!!!  I flew to Central California, rented a car, and drove up to the beautiful  pine and oak mountains south of Yosemite…I traveled down a long, dusty road, and over a very rickety bridge (I imagined trolls lived under it!) and into the yard of the beautiful Seldom Seen Ranch where my sister and her husband greeted me with such love and hospitality! Kim & Bro 2

We had the most amazing time together–it was as though we had seen each other just last week (instead of thirty years ago!) We talked for hours and hours (and HOURS!), laughed like crazy people, managed to do a few chores, and  go to the San JoaquinRiver to swim and picnic with her family of amazing children, their wonderful spouses, and all the fabulous grandkids. It was utterly amazing!!!! I had such fun…

Here is her cozy cottage…Kim's cottageShe has amazing gardensKim's pumpKim's lavenderKim's garden squashKim's hollyhocksAnd, like me, Kim loves fairies and has them scattered around everywhere to remind her that magic abounds and miracles can happen! (A miracle DID happen–we found each other after 30 years apart!)Kim's fairy shelf

Kim's Fairy pondMy sister had a HUGE DREAM–she wanted to have her own fiber business…Down Home Handspun Fibers. It took everything she had to make it come true–to find the land where she could garden and raise her goats, to buy  a professional fiber mill, to commit the necessary energy every single day to feed and water the critters, garden like crazy, and start her own business (I KNOW how hard that can be!)  My sister raises chickens, rabbits, horses, and very special angora goats that she shears. After she gathers the shearings, she has to get all the stickers out, Kim's wool wash it (sometimes several times!) in this old washer without the beater (so the wool won’t “felt”)…Kim's wool washer

And then begins the REALLY hard work of taking the fiber to her home mill–these machines are huge, costly, professional “tools” and my sister has had to sacrifice much in her life to have them.Kim' fiber mill 2Kim's fiber millHere the fibers are torn apart and blown into a huge “poof” (that’s NOT the professional word!)…it takes hours and hours and is hot, messy, isolating work–Kim calls it the “slave” work!

And THEN my sister begins the arduous process of dying the fibers with all her organically grown flowers and herbs…Kim's flower dyesin her dye shedKim's Dye shedand FINALLY she hand spins it! It’s absolutely beautiful…but OMG what a process of pure love! Go check out her website to see more about it and to buy some fibers from her!

She and her mate work so hard everyday to keep their dream afloat and it’s soooo inspiring! Making a dream come true is work of pure love and utter devotion…and my sister Kim embodies that!

“Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of your sister?” Alice Walker Kim 2I had an incredible time–and guess what? My “little sister” patiently, lovingly taught me to kayak! I spent a whole afternoon on the San Joaquin River paddling around on the beautiful, placid water with the pine and oak studded mountains reflected in it. I saw Kingfishers, herons, and Canada geese (with babies!) and we had such a wonderful time, two sisters on our kayak adventure together! I’m soooo hooked–I want my own kayak now but my Sweetheart thinks that might be a tiny bit “impractical” in arid Tucson!

Kim's dye flowers“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” Jane Davidson

Thanks to all of you my wonderful friends who encouraged and supported me about taking this big adventure…thanks to my Beloved for making it possible…but, most of all, THANK YOU KIM for being my wonderful sister and sharing your life with me. I LOVE YOU with all my heart!

Sisters are forever friends!

P.S. Please use my sister as your inspiration too–if you have a BIG DREAM throw your heart and your soul and your SWEAT EQUITY into it and make it come true!!!Kim's ranch metal© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows. All Rights Reserved.

8 comments on “Sisterhood is Powerful!

  1. Thanks Dear Marnie! You have been such a huge part of lending me the courage to go visit and I’m so happy to have a wonderful friend like you who keeps loving me and inspiring me–even when I’m a poop!

  2. This is such a happy reunion! I went to Kim’s website and read all about her goats and gardens and how the fibers are produced….looks like a perfect life to me. Isn’t it something how after 30 years you two have reconnected? Anything is possible!

  3. Love is what its all about…So happy for you & sister Kim….kind of nice finding out so many similarities run through your lives….Thanks for sharing this love connection….You are loved…..Ski & Sandi

  4. I am awed by the way we define the events of our lives. For you, so long separated from this sister and yet you share so many fascinations– the Lord is the between

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