No expectation, no fear

Just be totally present,

Open yourself to possibilities

You can’t




lizardGuess what? I’m going to see my sister after 30 years! I’m soooo excited.  It’s been such a huge dream of mine to reunite with her and I feel so blessed to have a chance to skip up to her goat ranch in the mountains around Yosemite for a few days. My Beloved Albert will take care of our wonderful WildHeart Ranch (which is no easy task as the days heat up to over a hundred degrees!) while I flit up to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It’s a little scary…thirty years since I saw her last! But we’re so much alike–country girls who love nature and the creative life, who would rather spend time in the garden and the barn than inside, who believe in fairies and like to dance around giggling in our tutus. I can’t wait to see her! Here she is! Doesn’t she look like fun!

KimSo I’m off for a weekI’ve got my June Cottage classes posted for you–the classes you especially requested–mostly Saturdays for June because the 7 to 12 year old young women that I mentor (Girlz With HeART) are out of school and I have promised to do most of their summer enrichment activities and a creativity camp that will keep me very busy!  And check out the fun Tuesdays With Thea” classes too!

Please sign up for some June classes–it’s how I keep the Cottage afloat and help the Girlz have a fun summer–and you deserve a couple of cool hours of creative play with other delightful women!

Besides, I want to tell you all about my fabulous reunion with my sister Kim!

Love to you from one happy soul, your Mistress of Merriment Kait.

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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