Delicious Gelatos


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same moment.” Thomas Merton

gelatos 2What a wonderful week! I’m so pleased to have had the pleasure of Albert’s sister Karen and mate Aat visiting from Holland! We’ve  shared movies (we loved the gritty last film of Phillip Seymour Hoffman–God’s Pocket and the luscious new Tilda Swinton film!) and music (there is no place like Tucson for talented local music!) and domino championships (I’m the Champion of the World!)  They treated us to the fanciest of all places for a scrumptious dinner at Hacienda del Sol where we were serenaded by a Spanish classical guitarist as we watched a gorgeous sunset over the beautiful Catalinas! We even had a delightful dessert–which reminds me…there are so many new art making products out there that it’s hard to keep up….( smooth segue huh?)

When I heard about Gelatos™ I thought it was a dessert to be enjoyed while painting! (TeeHee!)

Last week I had a full class of talented dames (Cissy, Polly, Lucy, Celeste,  Jacky, & Beatriz) who wanted to experiment with this creamy, vibrant, water-soluble pigment…and here are some of the fantastic results!

Flowers and birds..Gelatos 1gelatos 12gelatos 11gelatos 13gelatos 10gelatos 9Abstracts and landscapes…

gelatos 16gelatos 4gelatos 8gelatos 19gelatos 14Lots of  Scrumptious color…gelatos 6gelatos 5gelatos 7gelatos 18Even a Madonna!gelatos 17We had such a fun Saturday morning together and it reminded me what a joy it is to be the Mistress of A Merriment at The Creative Cottage–it’s such a great place for women to gather to play, laugh, share, and make art together! Thanks for your love and support…it means the world to me!

Check back this next weekend for my whole summer schedule of classes and be sure to pick a few and come enjoy the fun! Sign up early–classes have been filling fast and you don’t want to miss out on the merriment!

gelatos 15

P.S. For those who are following The Life and Times of Punkaliscious (our new kitty)  here are some pictures–he’s PURE JOY!!!

Punkin 2punk & dadpunkster Let love into your life wherever it comes from,  how ever long it lasts, with as much gratitude as you can muster, and share it as lavishly as you can!

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.



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