May Day, May Day!

    Welcome FriendsInstructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be Astonished.

Tell about it.

Mary Oliver from Red Bird

The most amazing thing happened! Really! Sometimes I just marvel at life and all the gifts that fall from the sky. Literally…fall from the sky!

Twelve years ago, at a rather painful dip in my life, surrounded by a lot of drama and chaos and uncertainty, when I was feeling SOOOOO low-down, funky, and very sorry for myself, a tiny kitten found its way (through an absolutely impossible set of circumstances–ask me about it sometime!) to my front door and collapsed, near death. I scooped it up and for weeks thereafter I poured my whole heart into her, forgetting all my own woes.  She returned to life; grateful, loving, and so incredibly loyal. She was my constant companion for a dozen years and I never failed to be grateful for the lesson she taught me about the healing power of love. Her name was Petite Sirah and she died a few weeks ago–leaving a sad little hole in my otherwise so incredibly happy life!

She was irreplaceable and I couldn’t even begin to think about going to the Pima County Animal Shelter (where I find the most wonderful pets!) to look for another kitty just yet. But last Friday the fates had a different plan for me…(as they so often do!) My Sweetheart came in from his morning rounds at WildHeart–feeding the birds and our little herd of desert tortoises, watering my herb garden, sauntering out to the road to pick up the morning news–with something in his hand. “Kaitie, I need you to tell me if we can save this little creature or I should just help it have a peaceful passage,” he said quietly, unfurling his fingers. Inside was a tiny orange kitten, weak and limp, looking up with troubled eyes. Punkin-found“Where in the world did you find it?” I asked. “In the middle of a cactus and agave patch in front of the house, in the middle of no where, acres away from other houses.” We think that it must have been dropped by an owl and somehow survived the fall and shock.

Something you need to know about me: I’m the “go to” gal for medical crisis, the patient friend who helps get you through your chemo therapy, the kind advisor who encourages you to get that shingles prevention injection. People have forever been bringing me broken critters in shoeboxes, dogs with broken legs, goats with an abscess. No surprise: I have been a nurse, an EMT, and a vet tech. I worked at a wildlife rehabilitation station for years.

I care! I care and I will do anything humanly possible to help if I can.  So, “Yes, I said, yes, let’s try to save him!”

And so we have. Every day he grows a little stronger. Punkin-shawl A little more trusting. A lot more curious and playful and full of love!Punkin-basket His name is Punkin’ and he is a joy to us every single day…fallen from the sky,

Punkin-tea cup

and right into our hearts!

P. S. I can’t help thinking Sirah sent him to us–what do you think?

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.


5 comments on “May Day, May Day!

    • Losing a pet always catches me by surprise and crushes my heart…working in hospice, you’d think I’d be pretty good at the death stuff–but I’m just devastated when a pet dies! Punkin’ gave me my heart back–and you’re right–I’m sure Sirah is purring somewhere, happy another orphan has a loving home!

  1. Love the way you describe this little life saving adventure of “Punkin”… do have a wonderful way with words & critters……It’s a beautiful thing ….It’s all about the Love…..the world is a better place becuase you are in it…….thanks for being in our lives…Ski & Sandi @ Windsong Gardens……..<3

    • Sandi and Ski–you have always been my mentors in the realm of LOVE on soooo many levels! Thank you for the love you have poured into me and all those who enter your WindSong Garden world!

      • You are so welcome my friend….so happy that Punkin has come to a good home….full of love….

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