Happy Spring!

spring 3I love the weather, the blooming flowers, spring 5spring 7the butterflies flitting through my garden…spring 1…I love the stars like crystal jewels in the night sky, the sap rising, andbox 7 fun days shared at The Cottage with wonderfully creative women who love to laugh and talk and get messy with paint and glue! Here’s Marnie’s fanciful book,

box 6and Alice working on her book–which turned out beautifully!…box 2and Sharon celebrated a recent trip to Mexico in her book…box 5Allison, Barbara, and Anne made the most luscious backgrounds for books they are conjuring.

I love spring!~…the citrus blossoms are so intoxicatingly fragrant…spring 2and I even managed to create a blue bottle tree from an old frost blighted grapefruit that we’d given up on–but see on the lower right corner that it’s blooming too?spring 6

So never give up! Keep creating and planting and playing and enjoying your life! Happy Spring my friends–now go bloom!spring 4© Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Amigas Make Art Dolls!

What a great class we had using bits of fabric and stuffing, buttons and trims, imagination and laughter to make some amazing art dolls. Check these out:Zena ShamanThis is Cissie‘s beautiful “Shaman Singer Zena” Frida Doll lily doll Tabby doll These are (top to bottom) Joyces “Frida,”  Kellie‘s “Lily,” and Tracy & Libby‘s “Tabby”Joyce, Kellie, Tracy, & AbbyHere are some of the amigas at play: from left to right, Joyce, Kellie, Tracy, Libby, and Gogi…Celeste and Cissie were busy working on their creations! Here is Celeste‘s “Fancy SanCe” Fancy SanCeWhat a wonderful day–celebrating Libby’s tenth birthday!

Three amigasFriends rock! Come bring yours or meet new ones at The Creative Cottage…we know how to have FUN!!!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Stencilmania Rocked!

Happy Beautiful, Delicious, Spring-Fever March To You All! Month of St. Patrick’s Day and the First Day of Spring!!!!! What’s not to like about THAT!

Welcome to Kaitlin's Creative Cottage

Welcome to Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage

At The Cottage we have a lovely little spring garden: bok choy, chard, kale, cabbage, snow peas, lettuces, and herbs…and it’s almost time to import some tomato and pepper seedlings! I love getting my hands dirty–garden soil or acrylic paint, bread dough or clay–it’s all play for me…and, as you know, the Mistress of Merriment LOVES to play!!!

Check out the beautiful art done by Lucy, Merrill, Gogi, Sharon, and Alice at my recent Stencilmania class…stencilmania 1Beautiful birds and flowers…  stencilmania 5 stencilmania 6 stencilmania 7          Gorgeous, lush colors…

stencilmania 9A decidedly oriental feel… stencilmania 8Amazing textures…

stencilmania 4Dragonflies… stencilmania 16and hummingbirds…

stencilmania 18–not to mention fairies!

stencilmania 11and, in the famous chant of Portlandia,  “put a bird on it!” stencilmania 14

stencilmania 17stencilmania 3all in a riot of spring flowers!

stencilmania 12stencilmania 2stencilmania 15stencilmania 13Spring Fever–I got it BAD! if you do too, come on over to The Creative Cottage and take a class or two…we have such fun and make beautiful art and you are so welcome to come join the creative party! Check out the classes by clicking on the tab at the top of this page and click on the little white cloud at the side of this post to send me a comment…I LOVE to hear from you! You are all the heart and soul of what The Creative Cottage is all about–FUN!

Come join us soon and tell your friends–it’s a great place to meet your friends for a play date!

Love and Happy Spring Fever! 

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.