It’s All About LOVE!

Love, DaltonThis is Dalton. He’s my love-worn little teddy bear and he’s been with me through thick & thin, through ups & downs, through all of life’s amazing adventures. He’s all about LOVE. He just quietly, persistently, full-heartedly LOVES me and snuggles beside me while I dream. He’s been with me all around the world, he’s survived kids & grandkids & affectionate dogs, & he’s still here–and that gives me HOPE. Hope that love lasts and grows and can heal a million little life bumps while  filling up our hearts with joy! teresa's book coverThis is the cover of a beautiful handmade book Teresa made in one of my recent classes and it makes me smile too. I have the best students in the world–lively, creative, thoughtful women who are stretching and growing in their own lives.  They inspire me every day to keep The Creative Cottage doors open and to conjure fun, new classes every month. Beka's artist book 3Beka creates beautiful artist journals, Judi's Tin 1Judi fills a decorated tin with inspiring messages, Karen chronicles a trip to the seaside 100_3223And it’s all about the journey…the struggle and the triumph, the setbacks and the successes!Beka's Artist Book 1Oh, I know, you’re saying, Suzie Sunshine Kaitie is always so positive and forever  looking on the bright side…but here’s a note I sent to my dear sister Kim recently about finally learning to curb my fierce, old inner critic and embrace the small moments with LOVE!

Dear Sister Kim~

I want it to be Spring but then I remember how much to do there is in Spring and I look around and see all the big projects I still have to do before Spring comes and how far I am behind on all my Winter projects and then I get crazy and sad and mad at myself for not getting more done…and then I just go get a cup of chai tea (and two spicy cinnamon cookies!) and sit outside for a second under Mother Mesquite just in time to see a gorgeous cardinal, like a tiny red flag, fly through the trees and hear the bees humming away in the pollen sprinkled bushes and I sigh and say, “Kaitie just do the best you can every day, one foot in front of the other (with red ladybug rubber boots on!) and keep a smile on your face and don’t sweat the small stuff and what’s the point if you don’t even take a moment for cuppa tea” and then I’m okay again and the laundry pile has a kitten playing in it and the apples that I thought I’d make a delicious crisp with have gone too far and get to be a treat for the bunnies and my art journal is such a tempting place to make art for an hour or two and there is that new color of purple that I’d like to try on the shed door and…O Kim…I LOVE you and I am so happy to know that you, in your own little winter cabin with goats to feed and gardens to plow and projects hanging fire, are sipping a cup of tea too, and finally  we “get it” about life–we each live on our own ragged little shoestrings and our hair is gray and we each have nice little cushions around our waists for grandkids to snuggle to and we don’t give a dang about anything in this world but just love. LOVE. That’s all. Love.  (And maybe cookies…and a beautiful cardinal…and our wonderful spouses and families…and Dalton!)

Every single day is another opportunity to be an ambassador of LOVE! Keep your hearts open and full My Friends, give your love away generously and without fear! LOVE is what it’s all about!

All my love to you,

Kaitlin  Mistress of Merriment

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

4 comments on “It’s All About LOVE!

  1. You are so right Kaitlin….It’s all about the love. Thanks for loving us theway you do……we remember dalton form way back in the day ….like 1990? ….Hope you get another trip to the ocean and come by Windsong gardens to spare some hugs, tea and black berry brandy? We had a little rain and some more is expected this week…..sure does make the garden smile with lovely blooms….Love & Hugs to you & Albert….Ski & Sandi

    • You two teach me so much about love by the way you live your lives, the deep, un judging affection you lavish on your extended “family” of kin and friends, the way you tenderly nurture your gardens and animal friends, and the radiance with which you relate to the hearts of all you meet. Can’t wait to return to WindSong Garden to celebrate life and love with you again!

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