Happy Happy Holly Daze!

wreathSending you the loveliest of holiday seasons–full of color and light, joy and peace, fun and friendship! This can be such a stressful, busy, over-extended season…but, it can also be a great time to be compassionate, send caring messages to friends & family (near and far), and let your inner child come out to play…Welcome My SnowmanFor me, it’s not Christmas until all my snow folks are out…I’ve been collecting them for over 25 years and I just love that they’re always smiling and can be so whimsical. I love old, unusual ones and am positively tickled pink when someone brings me one to add to my collection!  Our Christmas TreeAnd I love decorating our tree–this year in cobalt, purple and turquoise …with lots of glittery silver!

Welcoming Winter…Welcome Winter

which is so mild and delicious in beautiful Tucson compared to places where there is freezing rain, sleet, and snow!

Please come celebrate this lovely season at my Creative Cottage Holiday Party Potluck on Saturday, December 21st, from noon to 3

Come share a festive celebration with arty types, cool dames, and fabulous women. Bring something yummy to share, dress up or not…We’ll have a great time!

And please know that I send you all my love, best wishes, and happy, happy holidays!

Joy To The World© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

2 comments on “Happy Happy Holly Daze!

  1. Thanks to everyone for all your kind holiday greetings and special gifts for the Girlz With HeART program–the Arizona Daily Star is doing a great series this week on Child Protective Services, the foster care system, and the perils faced by the very children that I mentor…it breaks my heart that as a society we focus so little care, compassion, attention, and allocate so few resources to protecting and nurturing children!

  2. Thanks to all of you who helped with the last minute push to help the GIRLZ with warmies and little remembrances and LOVE for the holidays. Happy to report that 83 girlz were given a joyous holiday with our combined love and compassion. THANK YOU!

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