New Year, New Dreams!

100_2935We made it through the holidays!!!! (and only seven pounds heavier!)…I hope you made it through the holly-daze gauntlet too (without the seven pounds part!) Great fun but whoooooosh…now I need a vacation! So, howza ’bout a little creative FUN and frolic with other cool women at The Creative Cottage!!–check out my January classes by clicking on the Cottage Classes button in the ledger above and come join us for a great new year that celebrates creativity, friendship, and FUN!!!!

Meanwhile, my Sweetheart and I really enjoyed going out to one of Tucson’s treasures today in this beautiful, balmy weather–the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is such a fantastic place to celebrate our beautiful winter desert ( and if you can get there by January 5th please go check out the amazing art work of Sheridan Oman in the  Ironwood Art Gallery (Open daily 10 to 4). Oman Desert MuseumHe was such an artistic enigma–as “staff artist” at the Desert Museum in the early ’60’s, Oman created hundreds of sketches and studies of the diverse animal and plant life of the desert. With touching detail and evocative insight, Oman’s work seems to reach out to touch the hearts of all who experience it. The show is beautifully presented and the sheer volume of his work is impressive and inspiring. His “feel” for the animals is palpable. The show is subtitled “The Art Of A Desert Recluse” and the story of his life is the stuff of novels…he mysteriously vanished from his home in Tucson after the suspicious death of his wife…but the art is utterly exquisite and sooo worth making a special trip out to see! Oman BobcatWe heard accents from all over the world at the Desert Museum today100_2943–tourists from Holland, France, Germany, India, and Africa—and the snowbirds were there in droves (what’s not to like about temperatures in the high 60’s when “back home” snow and ice and electrical outages abound!)…the Raptor Free Flight Show never fails to make us oooo & aaaaa, and today the new mountain lion came out to stretch and bask in the sun just for us. What a remarkable place we live in–what a beautiful and special time of year in the desert!

Desert Museum TortGo on out and enjoy it–and THEN sign up for oodles of Cottage Classes and come play and create in the new year with your friend Kait, Mistress of Merriment!

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Happy Happy Holly Daze!

wreathSending you the loveliest of holiday seasons–full of color and light, joy and peace, fun and friendship! This can be such a stressful, busy, over-extended season…but, it can also be a great time to be compassionate, send caring messages to friends & family (near and far), and let your inner child come out to play…Welcome My SnowmanFor me, it’s not Christmas until all my snow folks are out…I’ve been collecting them for over 25 years and I just love that they’re always smiling and can be so whimsical. I love old, unusual ones and am positively tickled pink when someone brings me one to add to my collection!  Our Christmas TreeAnd I love decorating our tree–this year in cobalt, purple and turquoise …with lots of glittery silver!

Welcoming Winter…Welcome Winter

which is so mild and delicious in beautiful Tucson compared to places where there is freezing rain, sleet, and snow!

Please come celebrate this lovely season at my Creative Cottage Holiday Party Potluck on Saturday, December 21st, from noon to 3

Come share a festive celebration with arty types, cool dames, and fabulous women. Bring something yummy to share, dress up or not…We’ll have a great time!

And please know that I send you all my love, best wishes, and happy, happy holidays!

Joy To The World© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.