Autumn Camping Adventures!

How my Sweetheart and I LOVE to camp! We are both busy professionals, with much on our plates, often driven by project deadlines, sometimes overwhelmed with house and garden chores, and  frequently entangled in our innumerable civic responsibilities. But, once a month, rain or shine, even if we’re oppressed by other tasks or feeling like we can’t spare the time, we throw all our gear into our little red pick up truck, get the dog, lock up the house, and head out for a few days of camping. I think it literally saves our souls!  Front PorchWe rent a little cabin from the Forest Service in a place called Kentucky Camp and just allow ourselves the immeasurable joy of doing NOTHING! KY Camp-2We read and I make art and my Sweetheart rambles around and we get up with the sun and sleep when the moon comes out. We have campfires and often see no one in the wonderfully peaceful quiet except folks hiking the adjacent Arizona Trail who sometimes stop by to share stories of their adventures.AZ Trail         Our beloved camping companion Gus LOVES the place…Gus           and we love the history that surrounds the little cabin100 year signof an old mining operation gone bust…with the historic the old adobe walls propped up adobe wall 1and lovely rusty stuff scattered about  old machine(and you know how I LOVE rusty stuff!) KC-walls-rustwindmill bladesThere is a large old lodge used for educational conferences on the site that has its own magical charms…lodgeroof line 1doorways, dinner bells, and old relics…KC-hallwaydinner bellold stoveWe feel so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful flora KC-flowers--and amazing fauna (this is a mountain lion track!) KC - lion paw--and the days just fly by in incredible peaceKY Camp-3 We find ourselves hating to return to what passes as “civilization!”

But we return re-charged, re-enchanted, and re-awakened to our good fortune…eager to return to our favorite campin’ spot…ready for another adventure!

Porch SignHappy Trails To You until We Meet Again!

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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