Halloween Fun & Frolic!

autumn flowersThe weather in Tucson is luscious–just the right blend of heat and cool to entice the creative Muses to come back out to dance and play! After the sizzle of summer, we have this glorious, lingering season of autumn to re-fill our hearts with JOY and lure us back out to play! I love decorating for the changing seasons and my Beloved jokes with me that I’m just a kid at heartalways celebrating SOMETHING! And this season gives me plenty of excuses! skeletonI have such fun displaying all of my seasonal treasures and welcoming friends to come celebrate with me! autumn welcomeautumn porchThere’s just something about the magic and playfulnesswitch and scariness scary and just plain FUN of Halloween that appeals to me! It’s like being in a special club…black hatSo The Mistress of Merriment sends you big hugs and happy punkin’s,punkin head

hoping you are having a beautiful autumn and will come play at the Creative Cottage one day very soon!

glitter girl

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

2 comments on “Halloween Fun & Frolic!

  1. I just love all your decorations Kaitlin. Going to the Creative Cottage is always so much fun and looking at all the eye candy is so inspiring! Thanks for providing a fun place to create cool art.

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