AUTUMN!!!! I Love It!

ButterflyFinally, the sizzle and siren of summer is over and the cool mornings and gorgeous evenings are back–overnight it seems! And I LOVE it!!!! Autumn at last–my favorite season!

The fall classes I have planned for The Cottage are going to be such fun (check out the”Creative Cottage Classes” tab above to see them and sign up quick–Autumn classes fill fast!)

My Sweetheart and I have planned lots of great camping trips and our sleepy summer old pueblo is gearing up for the magical Day of The Dead parade and all the theater and music and outdoor autumnal  festivals I love so much!

What am I up to you ask…? Well…I’m working on  several large scale art projects…three really large canvases, a whimsical little paper mache village of magical creatures, and some big, juicy art journals!

I’m also tidying up my home studio (okay–it’s really just a scruffy old garage that I’ve tried to transform into a cool creative space, which is not so easy to do with a washer, storage boxes, and a boat load of garden & carpentry tools in the same space!)

And, did I tell you, I saved up and bought a funky, old, used table top kiln so I can work on more clay projects…like this heart mirror I made for my sister Kim (don’t tell her–it’s a secret!) Heart Mirrorand this emerald green dish I made just  ‘cuz it’s my favorite color and looks so nice with the water lilies, dontcha think? Pottery Project 2In all this creative fever I’ve not had much time for housework…but I heartily subscribe to the philosophy that…Dull Womenand looking around at the dust bunnies I must be a very interesting woman! (tehe!)

In this beautiful season, I wish you joy and the gentleness of cool mornings and evenings, the tinting of leaves, the bringing in of the harvest, and the deep peace that comes from knowing your friend Kaitlin, Mistress of Wild Merriment and Mirth, is sending you happy thoughts and fond wishes for a big, juicy surge of creative energy! threads of love© Kaitlin Meadows. 2013. All Rights Reserved.

2 comments on “AUTUMN!!!! I Love It!

  1. You’re awesome Kaitlin! I’m so happy to be a part of all the fun and creativity at the Creative cottage…. even a muse needs someone to send fond wishes for a big, juicy surge of creative energy!

    • Thanks so much Dear Marnie~as my inspiring “accountability partner” you are constantly encouraging me to trust my creative instincts, keep at this difficult business of making a “go” of this BIG dream of having a little art studio where I can welcome women to play, laugh, share and make fun art together, and somehow pay the rent and buy enough art supplies for my beloved Girlz With HeART Project! Thank you to you and all the great women who support The Creative Cottage!

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