Can You Dig It!

Everyone has a passion–some people have a couple of them–I seem to be blessed with dozens & dozens of them! I love making art and teaching creativity classes, I love playing in my garden, I love hiking and camping, I love writing and reading, I love traveling and exploring, I love my Beloved Albert, I love working with my wonderful tribe of young women, and I LOVE  LOVE  LOVE archaeology! We Are All Family I was hooked the moment  I first read about folks who traveled the world digging up evidence of the ancient ones, trying to learn who they were and how they lived. There weren’t many examples of women who did archaeology back then–but I’ve always been blessed with a very  vivid imagination and I could dream myself in Peru or Greece or the heart of Africa on a magical expedition to discover the secret lives of people who lived thousands of years ago…I got a degree in nursing because that was the right thing to do–but I also got a degree in archaeology because that was my real passion! For many years I spent every vacation on “digs” around the world. Dirty, sweaty, grubby, hard work…digging, screening, cataloguing…???????????????poring over the tiniest  artifacts with absolute AWE!… ?????????????Archaeo Tech????????????????teaching kids to think about the people of the past and the lives they lived…

???????????????? even meeting my Sweetheart Albert out on an archaeological dig!… ??????????????

and now spending many passionate hours studying the earliest inhabitants of the desert Southwest as an Arizona State Archaeological Site StewardEarth DanceI LOVE archaeology!!!!?????????????????can you dig it?

© Kaitlin Meadows, All Rights Reserved, 2013.

3 comments on “Can You Dig It!

  1. Thanks everyone for the calls and such an eager response to the August and September classes! Several classes are already filling up and I can’t wait for the fun to begin! See you soon–happy monsoon!

    • Love how the ancient ones had time after hunting, gathering, basket & pottery making, living in inhospitable lands with few resources, and trying to survive the onslaught of various “invaders” to sing and dance and tell stories and honor the sky & plants & animals! Yes Stephanie–let’s dance more, laugh more, and celebrate our ancestors more! Love Kait

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