Spiritual Practice, Practice, Practice!

Several of you have asked if I have any particular insight about how to live a calm, centered, spiritual life. TrilobyteFirst of all, have you had a glimpse at my life lately? Often over-booked and under-staffed, running between work and Cottage classes, up until the very wee hours finishing a report or trying to meet a deadline, mentoring two dozen VERY energetic young women in my Girlz With HeART program, my life lacks every important criteria for a calm, centered, spiritual life…or does it? Up this morning at 5 to water our many gardens, feed the birds & tortoises, and attend to the myriad of tasks Summer in Tucson brings to WidlHeart RanchOur OwlI was blessed to see this beautiful Great Horned Owl (who calls our huge Mesquite his home) make his last swoop throught the yard as the sun rose. There were darting hummingbirds chittering at the feeder and the baby quail have, overnight it seemed, gone from little puff balls to tiny, wind-up versions of their parents. The tomatoes are coming in like crazy and sometimes I manage to rescue the perfect one from the random pecking of the pesky Curve Billed Thrashers. Meditation AreaIn these quiet,  dawning hours of the day I find myself feeling enormously calm, centered, and spiritual. I see the inner-connectedness of all life. I trust the Universe has a plan and I am a part of it and if I just slooooow down long enough, it will be revealed to me. And I find myself smiling, heart happy, looking forward to another busy, complicated day…but thrilled that I glimpsed this beautiful, fleeting cacti flower this morning before it’s gone forever by sunset, Ceres Bloom

and that I have a Beloved who has a delicious breakfast resdy for me to enjoy, liesurely, with him over the papers and the small, happy, domestic murmuring that fills my life with such JOY!Trust Your Heart Yes, as it turns out, I do have some advice about a spiritual life…practice, practice, practice living in gratitude and loveand trust your heart! 

Here’s hoping you have a very happy day and take a few moments to feel blessed!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

4 comments on “Spiritual Practice, Practice, Practice!

  1. As you, so well know dear Marnie, life can get to be a waaaaay too busy, running around in circles, rout of control roller coaster! But some of my happiest hours are spent with you and the other wonderful women who come to the Creative Cottage playing and painting and eating strawberries and giggling! It’s enouigh to make a woman grateful every day!

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you………I love it that you saw the great horned owl.In the spiritual world to see an owl means that if you find yourself lost in the darkness, owl can help you find your way to the light and love. I’m off to a family reunion in South Dakota and will be back around the 15th of July. love and light, patricia


    • Thanks Patricia! Can’t wait for your return to town so we can compare owl stories,,,I have one that you might really enjoy about an amazing owl visitation at WildHeart. Safe travels, have fun, and see you soon for more cool adventures at The Cottage. WhooooOoooooo!

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