Paste Paper Play Party!

I swear it felt like the most beautiful spring day and it was a perfect day to make paste papers like this gorgeous piece Lucy made…Lucy's Pastewith a wonderful group of creative friends at The Creative Cottage…it was messy and drippy and smooffy and FUN! Look at the mess we made!

Paste At WokKaren and Lucy working away…Karen Lucy PastePatricia making a beautiful piece…Patricia Pasteand creative Gayle! ( Lucy brought her to visit during Open Studio Tour and she came back to play!) Gayle's PasteGayle's Paste 2Here is Wild Horse Woman Berta with her beautiful paper stash…Berta's PasteThese are some of our pretty papers…aren’t they luscious?Karen Paste 2Karen's PastePretty Paste PapersHope you’ll pop by for a class at the Creative Cottage soon…we have loads of fun and make very cool stuff!!!!

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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