Spring At The Cottage

Love and sunshine and beautiful blooming flowers at The Cottage! Spring 13  Door blossoms  Thunder Moon Sign  Come on in…Spring Door 13In celebration of the season, we made beautiful nests to hold our vernal dreamsTheresa had fun making her nest…Theresa Nest MakerTheresa's NestAnd Merrill’s nest combined a dried piece of cholla skeleton and a hawk feather she’s found…isn’t it cool?Merrill's NestSpring Nest 1And then I hoped on my bike…Ruby…Kait's Bikeand dashed across the street to the Dunbar Spring Community Garden…my little magical island of community beautyWelcome Gardenwith it’s cool metal work from recycled bicycle parts (thanks Bicas!) Garden Gateto tend my beautiful spring garden in the Anna’s hummingbird plot…Anna's Hummingbirdwhere I am growing herbs, flowers, and veggies! Garden StarGarden EasterPlease pop by for a visit,  a cup of tea, and a good chatterbox session at The Creative Cottage soon…and come visit on the weekend of April 13 & 14th from 11 to 5 for the fabulous Tucson Open Studios Tour…I’ll have snacks and art to sell! Happy Happy Spring!

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013.  All Rights Reserved.

2 comments on “Spring At The Cottage

  1. Thanks dear Marnie for helping me plant my Dunbar Spring Community Garden plot–just look at it go!!!!! Soon we’ll have tomatoes to share and the hollyhocks are gonna be beautiful! And to think we planted it in the near dark only three weeks ago! teehee…mybe we should hire ourselves out as the midnight gardeners!

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