Raven Hearts Fly!

We had such a great day yesterday making a fabulous group of magical ravens!

Ravens are proud, smart, sassy, curious birds (does that sound like the women who come to The Cottage, or what!?) and it was great fun to see how each woman created her very own unigue Raven Heart. It was a beautiful, almost Spring day and we left the Cottage door open so we could hear the birds singing and feel the cool breeze. While we played and sewed, we had a wonderful chance to catch-up with each other’s lives…half the fun of sharing these classes is how much we love and support each other through life’s ups and downs! Dolores has an adorable new doggie named Zoey, Lucy pulled off an awesome birthday party for her 6 year old son (no easy feat!), Mary  shared her always sage advice, and Theresa took a great class from amazing artist Jill Berry (see a picture of her work at: http://jillberrydesign.com/ ) through our fantastic local group PaperWorks–The Sonoran Collective For Paper and Book Artists (check it out at: www.paperworks.info/) We’re ALL enthusiastic members and look forward to our monthly meetings which always feature a great artist sharing insight about their creative process! We rock!

Here are the ravens in progress…Maven In ProgressRebbie In ProgressLucy Raven ProgressAnd here are the girls in all their glory!!!  Meet Dolores’s Zelda–she’s bold, daring, and doesn’t give a hoot what anybody thinks! She’s working on patience (aren’t we all!)Dolores' ZeldaHere’s Lucy’s Petunia… who is guiding understanding, harmony & gratitude…

Lucy's Petunia

Here’s Mary’s raven called Maven Raven…and she’s a poet…

Maven the Raven
Setting out one fine day,
Gathering treasures along her way,
She swooped over to Kaitlin’s Haven
Where she shared some love
With her sisters-in-raven.

Mary's Maven

And check out Theresa’s Ms. Rebbie who’s name is a combination of rebel and rebound…sooooo Theresa–check out those high heels!!!

Theresa's RebbieEveryone added stuffing and ribbons to hang them and they happily flew off into our lives to add joy and love…we’re soooo lucky to have eachother and The Cottage to play in!

Whooooohooooo–here comes Spring!

Come on over to the Creative Cottage to play–check out my classes by clicking on the Creative Cottage Classes button above and

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© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved

4 comments on “Raven Hearts Fly!

    • Ms. Rebbie Rocks Theresa! Her spunky spirit reminds us all that whatever curve ball life throws us…a little sass, a lot of heart, and the warm circle of our friends can get us through ANYTHING!

  1. I’ve attended a number of Kaitlin’s classes and each one is as unique and entertaining as Kaitlin herself. Give yourself the gift of trying out your artistic hand—Kaitlin makes it so easy and the company is always delightful!

    • Thanks Dear Mary…it’s always such fun to see a simple project come to life through your wonderful creativity! And, the added bonus, we have such fun sharing our stories and helping each other over the rough spots! Come play again soon–the world needs more FUN!

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