Wohooo Owl Plushies!

Ooooo… I’m sooo excited to share our latest magical adventure at The Creative Cottage! We had such a blast!!!!–giggled and enjoyed each other’s company soooo much that my fellow courtyard artist, oil painter Jack Bybee, later said that he was jealous of all the chatter and laughter and PURE JOY spilling out of my studio! It was an amazing group of talented women: Karen, Thea, Gogi, Sarah, and Barbara and we had such fun together!

The asignment was to make some very cool, colorful owlsPlushie Workshop 3And this is what came of combining felt, buttons, beads, embroidery floss, and pure imagination!

Gogi showing off her Rocky Raccoon owl…soooo cute!

Plushie WorkshopPlushie 1above is Sarah’s owl Loretta who enjoys dancing at the Maverick…and below is Barbara’s owl Hortencia who is bilingual and enjoys flamenco dancing…

Plushie 2

And Karen’s owl Cecilya who is the long lost sister to Thea’s owl

Plushie Karen

Dealya (don’t ask–it’s the stuff of soap operas!)Plushie Theaand here is the whole group hanging out–with Gogi’s owl Rocky Raccoon on the far left… Plushies Plushie Workshop 3What a HOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!

We had a wonderful time together and the hours just flew by–each owl is so distinctive and unique–just as all the artists are! I love you all–thanks for coming to play at The Creative Cottage…come on back for more fun very sooooon!

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

4 comments on “Wohooo Owl Plushies!

  1. Cecilya, who has always felt a little “different” because she was born with her tummy upside-down, has recently announced that she is converting to Buddhism and says to tell everyone, “Namaste y’all!”

    • O Karen–Cecilya is one of us!–a little odd, a little quirky, and o soooooo cool! Has she thought of going out with Rocky? Rocky looks like a heathen with a big heart–just Cecilya’s type! Recover quick–with your new knee you’ll be out dancin’ at The Maverick soon. Dance is the third commandment of Buddhism ya know! Come play again soon and bring Cecilya–we LOVE oddballs, misfits, and eccentrics best of all! Love & Happy Healing, Kaitie

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