Creatives Dames Enjoy Cool Summer Fun!

It never fails to amaze me what beautiful art my creative pals at The Creative Cottage make!  Here, for example, is a little tribe of Earth Angels made at a recent class!










And some fabric and paper collages made by another group of talented wimmin…I feel so lucky to be able to offer a lovely place to play and blessed to have so many cool dames drop by for a day of merriment with me. Come on down and join us…it’s lots of fun and my emphasis is on accessible, affordable play-based classes with an emphasis on fun and friendship.

I offer no-stress classes perfect for women who want to re-awaken their creative souls and re-ignite their playful spirits!

Does this sound like you? Then what are you waiting for…The Creative Cottage is your place to come play!

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2012, All Rights Reserved

2 comments on “Creatives Dames Enjoy Cool Summer Fun!

  1. Hi Marnie~Aren’t they beautiful! They were made my combining decorative papers and fabric scraps on a painted canvas banner…come to my Sew What 2 class on September 12th and I’ll show you how! Love Kaitie

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