Magpie Magic!

We had such a fun magpie nest making class the other day…lots of beads & bottle caps, berries & buttons, bits of ribbon & yarn…just a little reminder that making art is ‘spozed to be FUN and use materials you have around the house and make you SMILE. We certainly smile a lot at the Creative Cottage and have lots of fun–why don’t you make us part of your summer stay-cation plans! See the list of my classes under the Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage banner above and call me to reserve a seat! Happy Day to all my magpie friends!

Cathy Jo’s Nest

Dinny’s Nest

Mary’s Nest


Aren’t they amazing????

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Magical Muses

What a joy to work with such amazingly creative women…check these Magical Muses out!

Mary’s Muse

They’re made from twigs, wire, fabric, beads, ribbon, yarn, polymer clay, bird wings, and pure imagination!

Aren’t they cool?

Muse De Dolores

Marnie’s Muse



Come on out and have a day of play and enjoy yourself in the company of other delightful women at the Creative Cottage soon!

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I’m Going With Happy!

Hello Friends~ Just had to share what a blast we had painting with paper pulp at The Creative Cottage this week!

 Here are Valerie and Marnie at play…

and here are some of their magical creations…

My very favorite one sums up my whole life philosophy…I’m going with happy!

–How about you? Come on over to the Creative Cottage the first chance you get for some wonderful fun and merriment!




Get your happy on!

Marnie’s Favorite Saying!






















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@@ What kewl things happen at Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage!

Look what Berta brought (and finished) at a Friday, Creative Play Day–a dragonfly mirror! She is getting ready for an Arts and Crafts Fair in Picture Rocks, AZ on Saturday, April 14th! The charcoal colored area will be replaced with a mirror but I couldn’t photograph it so I turned it over. Berta’s ceramic items were so popular that she sold several items at The Cottage while she was working on them! Now she has to create more beautiful art!

Why not join her and the other arty dames on Fridays from 10 to noon to share the fun!

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