Fierce Optimism

op 3

This has always been my philosophy.

Like you, I’ve dealt with many hard things in my life. I’ve suffered many setbacks. I’ve had much pain, experienced much loss, and known much heartbreak.

But I REFUSE to be defined, constrained, or hobbled by it. I always get back up, dust myself off, dry my tears, bandage my wounds, and get back at the task of LIFE and living it as fully and happily as I can.

Last week, I candidly shared with you a very low point on the journey. Today I am here to report that I have worked through that low point (with your help) and am, again, firmly standing on high ground, refueled and eager to move upward again.


I am grateful for my resilient spirit. I am humbled by my powerful sensitivity and all that it does to awaken me to positive action. I am proud of my fierce optimism.

Some of you were a little peeved at me (out of love and concern) and worried that I was “killing myself” in the commission of acts of conscience. Some of you mentioned my heart attack. Others of you said the odds were too heavily stacked against all of us in these horrendous times and it was silly to spend so much time & energy fighting the demons. Some said I was “too soft” and needed to “toughen up” if I was going to survive in this cruel world.

But I beg to differ. I had a heart attack because I pushed stuff down–NOT because I acted on what troubled me. I am made sick by what I do NOT donot what I feel compelled by conscience and heart TO do!

I am a fierce optimist! My way is to

op 9

I am a believer that we can all do SOMETHING, every single day, to make the world a little kinder, a little more gentle, and a lot less hateful–just by our determined commitment to being global citizens on the path of peace.

I subscribe to the notion that…

op 6

but you DO have to show up when you are able and do what you can.

Last week, I was totally vulnerable and showed you my soft underbelly. I revealed my fear and sadness and exhaustion. I shared with you my very human low point in order to continue to inspire you that, even from that dark place, I could keep at the hard work of compassion and action.

My message, like Maya Angelou’s, is always…

op 7

And that is what helped me up and over the hurdles that were blocking my path. I have the wisdom gleaned from over 70 years on the planet that…

op 1

So, do not be worried for me–do not think me imprudent to care so much, do so much, be so much. It is WHO I AM. It is my path. I’m a fierce optimist in the face of almost every challenge life has presented me with.

op 4

I REFUSE to think otherwise!

op 8

My plan to combat the rigors of being a fierce optimist in the midst of such perversity and pessimism in the world is to remember that…

op 10

and that…

op 2

So please, find your way up the mountain, sing and dance and laugh and play along the way (preferably at the Creative Cottage!) but GET UP THE MOUNTAIN!

Do it your own way…I will do it mine…and may we meet at the sweet summit together; share our stories of ascent (and descent), lay out a luscious picnic of celebration for our sisters and brothers still struggling mightily up the hill beside us, and may we always… 

op 11

With Love & Fierce Optimism,


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

By thundermoonstudios


sum 13

Where in the world have I been?

Why have I been so unusually quiet?

Why haven’t I written a blog post, updated my Cottage classes, been available for fun activities, returned your phone calls, responded to your e-mails, or been out & about around town?

Is Albert okay? Am I okay?

What’s up with KaitieBug?


It’s complicated.

I’ve been struggling. Really struggling. Really really really struggling.

I’ve been sad. I’ve been ill. I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve been deeply daunted by the escalating hatred, hostility, violence, and cruelty in our world.

I’ve been angry and bewildered and hopeless and sick.

It’s very rare for Susie Sunshine to be so down & out, but I confess I have been in a morass of darkness…a sea of despair…a deep well of depression.

I have felt depleted and lost. I have been immobilized by anxiety.

In these dark and troubled times, I am not proud to be an American.

 It’s not merely a difference of philosophy or a conflict of politics anymore. It’s a matter of human decency, honesty, morality, and conscience. 

I’m disgusted, disappointed, and demoralized.

I’ve written and called my representatives, I’ve been in the streets with thousands of other appalled citizens, and I’ve been doing all I can in my own small ways to raise the banner of tolerance and compassion…but, at the end of the day,

sum 9

But it has taken a huge toll.

My health has taken another dangerous turn, I’m not sleeping or eating properly, I’m not handling the heat well, and I’m stuck in an incredulous panic about the way the world is grinding down the rules of basic human kindness and civility as we become increasingly more brutal and heartless as a society.

sum 12

Teresa, one of the little girls I mentor, wrote a story about a crabby, bigoted, mean old woman who hated everyone and everything until she went blind and realized no one wanted to help her. She had always hated anyone who wasn’t white, anyone who wasn’t Christian, anyone who didn’t speak her language. She was mad that her neighborhood was changing and immigrants were moving in. She was resentful and mean-spirited. Her own children never called or visited. But one day, the old woman found a basket on her doorstep with fresh bread, jam, and peaches in it. Another day, after a big snow storm, she found her walkway shoveled. One night a woman came and offered to tidy the old woman’s house, wash her sheets, water her plants, weed her garden, in trade for some walnuts from her neglected tree. Some children came by after school and began to read to her in trade for borrowing some of her books. On the eve of a huge blizzard, a man came with a load of firewood in trade for the use of an old rusty shovel forgotten in her toolshed. Soon, she was surrounded by people who were helping her and her life became good and happy. On the day of her funeral, the little neighborhood chapel was full…Niema from Africa, Hassaum from Afghanistan, Renaldo from Mexico, Tieena from Puerto Rico, Moses Jefferson Brown, missing both legs from the Iraq War, were all there.

So I keep coming back to this:

sum 10

In the midst of my despair, I realize all I can do is continue to hold out my hand, carry the light, bring food and water and solace and heart to those who need it most, and stand the high ground; hopefully with you by my side.

sum 8

All we can do is gather in prayer and peace and gratitude and hope and action. All we can do is pour into the streets, stand at the barricades, lift our voices, raise our ideals, sing our songs of tolerance and inclusiveness. All we can do is remember that we are not alone…that there are people all over the world who stand with us, who cry with us, who are outraged and heart-sick and moved to action with us.

sum 6

Don’t give up. Don’t stop crying or caring. Don’t stop being a part of the outcry against hatred, violence, and war. Take a breath, shake off the despair, and find a way to help. Somehow. Find a way to help.

sum 11


sum 7

Through the tears…

With Much Love,


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


By thundermoonstudios

Ms. Tizzy Britches


That is what I do. In everything I touch. In how I live. In what I love. In what I make. I CREATE!

My beloved granddaughter Emma (7 years old) has a wonderful nickname for me–Grandma Tizzy Britches. She says she named me that “cuz you’re always in a whirlwind Gran.”

But last week when she asked me, “what’s you “super power Nana?,”  I was stumped.

I “used” to be a lot of things.

I’ve ridden on the back of a circus elephant, driven a race car, and delivered several babies. I’ve traveled all over the world, written several volumes of poetry, worked as both a paleontologist & an archaeologist, and rescued & mended wounded wildlife.

But, mostly, I believe my true super power is my creativity.


What can I tell you?

It’s who I am.

I make stuff.

Usually in a tizzy of joy!

I make stuff out of anything and everything. Words, paint, collage, journals, rusty stuff, clay, gardens, and LIFE: big fat juicy wonderful complicated simple LIFE is what I make mostly.


My creativity is what makes me so curious, so appreciative, so genuinely in awe of the natural world and all her critters.

My creativity is what makes my mind leap and my spirits rise and my heart spill over with love.

My creativity fuels and feeds and nourishes my soul. It makes me whole.


For a very long time in my life I worked hard to “fit in,” to “play the game,” to “go along to get along.”

Finally I realized, I’ve NEVER “fit” anywhere, I hate games, and I’d rather be a wild, inspired renegade than a half-lifer, tiptoeing around trying to be invisible.


When (seven years ago!) I hatched this crazy idea that I could create a magical  little studio that looked like an enchanted cottage in the woods where wimmin could come to play and talk and share and cry and make art, I finally knew who I was and what I wanted my life to be about.


So, I’d rather be Ms. Tizzy Britches than most anything else in the whole wide world (including Botswana!)



I’d always rather be outside the lines…out of the box…in the thick if some big,  messy, creative project that thrills my heart in the company of wise women who are passionate and feisty and full of creative energy.

I’d rather live my wild passionate, effusive, engaged, complicated, over-booked & under-staffed life of pure joy rather than “belong” or be “accepted” or not ruffle any danged feathers!

I want to inspire my tribe of fellow “tizzies” to


I want to voluptuously live (and mentor living )a wildly creative life…

and what is that?


I want to triumph over my fears for the earth, for all good people of the earth, for our children, for our values, for our very lives…

I want to not squander my life away in sadness or live with regrets about what I might have done…


I want to make stuff!

I want glue and glitter and paint and poems…

I want music and movies and gardens and books that keep me up all night…

I want sunsets and beach sand and redwood trees and laughter.

And, I want to share my endless, joyful creativity with you!

So please come play at the Creative Cottage soon…join a lively, luscious, laughing tribe of creatives! Because…


Now go make something!

And sign up for June classes at The Creative Cottage!

ju 4

All Love (And Creativity!)

From Ms. Tizzy Britches





Mud Woman!

mud woman

I love playing with clay!

I love the feel of it, the scent of it, the way it gets into your blood and connects you to the earth in a very primal way.

With a degree in archaeology and years of making detailed drawings and field notes of ancient ceramic sherds from around the world, I have great respect for the primordial art of combining water and earth into an object that is tempered by high heat and glazed with colors made from the artful combination of earth’s minerals and oxides.

mud woman 18

Playing with clay is a kind of spiritual therapy for me. It “grounds” me in patience and “fires” my core belief that creativity is healing.

When I play with clay, I am vibrantly connected to a long lineage of  women who made art from dirt.

mud woman 2

I’ve taken classes here and there for 30 years, but I especially love the ones I take now through Pima County Parks and Rec on Tuesday evenings with my friend Marnie and my teacher Brenda.

I’m not good at it…but I love it…and it endlessly teaches me to leave my inner critic at home and go with the spirit of the clay instead of the willfulness of my ego.

mud woman 17

I love that there are tools to learn about and skills to build.

I love that each kind of clay has a distinctive personality and must be fired within specific heat boundaries. 

I love that clay can become something exquisite

mud woman 9

or something whimsical.

mud woman 8

I love that when working with clay, I can think of nothing else.

mud woman 1

I love making things for my yard and garden

mud woman 11

mud woman 10

and just because it’s FUN!

mud woman 5

mud woman 4

Most of all, I LOVE getting dirty!

mud woman 19

I love the alchemy of earth, water, & fire.

I love all it teaches me about life.

mud woman 16

So, whatever it is for you–paintbrush or needle & thread, art journal or crochet hook, CELEBRATE IT! Let your hands connect you to the delicious, nurturing stew of creativity.

Make stuff!

mud woman 6

mud woman 7

Pour your whole heart and soul into it!

mud woman 3

And remember…

mud woman 15

Love and Alchemy,

Kaitie the Mud Lady

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.




By thundermoonstudios



My sister Kim is awesome!

She’s my Super Hero!

My crazy-wonderful, creative,-soul-full,

funny, kind, adventurous playmate and best friend.

sis 4

We’re so lucky to have found each other

after years and years and years apart!

She’s become a huge part of my life…

and a constant, loving presence in my heart.


So, maybe, you can you imagine how excited I am

to be off to visit her again?

Springtime is just arriving in the Sierras.

Last week they had a spot of snow on the peaks

on the same day 

Tucson was experiencing

95 degree heat!

I’m off to celebrate:

Gushing creeks,

blooming redbud,

and velvet-grassed mountains

a hundred shades of green!

The days will race by…

putzing in the garden…

sis 12

playing fairy sisters…

sis 13

and reading kids books

to each other

until we’re overcome

by “nap fever”…

sis 15

Just two sisters getting into all the mischief we can muster together!

kait & kim & redbud

Picture us

poking around in magical realms

of toadstools and fairies,

sis 14


tree woman

and Hobbit houses.

sprin 14

With a lot of just plain goofiness & joy mixed in!

happy 6

While we spend hours weeding & planting in the garden,


we’ll be talking about

our special dream

of somehow, some day

buying a funky old camp trailer

so we can go rambling around together

from sea coast to Yosemite

(and all points of adventure in between!)

sis 9

And, whatever we’re doing–

making art, foraging by the river, celebrating sweet niece Michelle’s birthday–

we’ll be talking and laughing

for hours and hours


’til our tummies ache

from laughing

and we’ve had a least three bouts

of shared tears.


sis 17

Because I’ve finally learned that

sis 2


(though I’m

a strong, independent, capable

old broad

“who don’t need no help”

(thank you very much),

sis 1

So off I go…

back in Tucson late on the 24th–

just in time to share all my adventures

with our amazing art-journaler’s circle on the 25th.

Thanks dear sister tribe,

for keeping the Cottage infused with love and creativity

while I’m away.

Thanks to Judy and Sarah for holding fun classes in my absence.

Thanks to Karen Z & Susan for helping keep WildHeart afloat (and my sweet critters lavished with love!)…

But, most of all,

thanks to my Beloved Albert for EVERYTHING

for being well enough for me to take this break

and for being

the dear sweet brave funny old garden gnome

that I love so much.

Off I go (hi-ho, hi-ho)…

back soon

with sooo many cool stories to share

and so much sister love in my heart

that I’ll have plenty to share

with you when I get home!

Take Good, Gentle Care Of One Another,

Love from Kaitlin, Sister of Kim

Off Adventuring!

sis 8

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


By thundermoonstudios

Spring Vacation (In My Mind!)


And I’ve got it bad!

I’m in a happy, befuddled daze.

Muddling along, fevered and  grinning.

No ambition.

Fuzzy and unfocused.

Prone to long bouts of daydreaming.

Lost in my own vivid imagination.

I’ve been promising myself for weeks

that I’d sit down and write you a long love letter about it…

but the days slip by and I get distracted…

you know…

Spring Fever!

I’m in the midst of a huge whirlwind of activity–

(as usual)–

classes, workshops, medical appointments, community commitments,

family matters, counseling sessions, plus the happy, complicated logistics

of plain, old everyday LIFE!

There’s a lot of emotion streaming through me right now…

but I think I’ve finally found words it…

So in my day dreams I am taking a bit of a bohemian vacation.

I’ve packed my colorful imaginary luggage

and taken my gypsy wagon to an enchanted fairy realm

where there is peace and beauty…

and no twittering from a twit.

I imagine my days are completely free here

and I amuse myself in a thousand tiny ways…

slow stitching…

painting salvaged old chairs,

& picking bunches of butterfly-kissed flowers.

In my magical little nest,

I imagine myself swathed in color and calm,

resting and reading,

making art all day with my dog Gus.

I pretend I am a child again–

free of all responsibilities

except living fully,

in every moment,

with wild enthusiasm

and complete awe.

And when I imagine myself as a wild, winsome

heathen adventuress and bohemian artiste,

I wear clothes like this

and carry a little bag like this, full of enchantments.

When I find myself curling up for a nap

with my cat Max purring in my ear,

I am bathed in lush color

and gentle, muted light.

So, if you’re looking for me,

please come join me in my spring fever dream!

Behind the beaded curtain,

up the stairs into the radiance of the moon glow,

into the pure magic of our wildest imaginations…

where we can leave behind

all our woes and worries,

all the torments of politics and cruel power.

In the evening,

we’ll make a little fire to comfort the darkness

and cherish together

every moment we have

on this swirling blue planet

in a sea of glittering stars.

Let us pull together,

never far from each other’s hearts,

always holding up the chalice

of our friendship together.

Let us always…

(Note: copies of this beautiful print available from Kaitie Daisy on Etsy!)

Love and Love and More Love To You

(cuz there’s never too much of that!)

And a very Happy Spring!

From Gypsy Kait

Merriment Marauder

P. S. Please check out my April & May schedule of classes and sign up quick–

this is our bizzee season at The Creative Cottage and I don’t want you to miss out on the fun!

©Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved


up 4

In the wake of more bloody murders in our schools,  fear-mongering and blame in the mouths of our do-nothing leaders, and the awful daily grind of lies, greed, and hatred in our world, we must RISE UP! This is the day. This is the hour. This is the moment. Do it!

up 7

Don’t think you; single-handedly, all by your lonesome, YOU must do the impossible. Don’t think you; small, powerless, fragile YOU alone must make the world a more loving, tolerant, peaceful place. It will take ALL of us. Every single danged one of us with conscience. Every single one of us with heart. Every single one of us willing to step forward, holding hands, standing in solidarity together, willing to do the tiniest of things every single day.

up 6

Instead of letting the stupid ones win, DO SOMETHING!

Instead of claiming there is nothing you can do, instead of whining about your own problems, pointing to your own sad story, claiming you are too hobbled by your own dramas to help,

up 2

Instead of being sad and struck dumb by the horror, DO SOMETHING! 

Stop congratulating yourself for being on the “right side,” for being appropriately outraged, for sending a check so OTHERS can do the work, DO SOMETHING yourself.

up 3

The circumstances in the world make it impossible NOT to be wounded and overwhelmed! What kind of human being would you be if you just kept sitting in front of the television,  eating your junk food, watching the fray on CNN? Get up! DO SOMETHING!

up 1

Volunteer to help, share your skills, your resources, your HEART. Start small. Stop feeding the dragons of hopelessness and apathy. Stop letting the demons devour your spirit, your will, and your hope. Stop blaming the idiots in the White House and focus on helping the bleeding civilians in our school houses, our streets, our neighborhoods. Get off your ass, your phone, your high-horse, your couch, and DO SOMETHING!

up 10

It’s great that you’re a “nice person” and that you donate to a variety of great causes. But what about delivering some meals to folks in need, volunteering to help kids learn to read, or helping take care of abandoned animals at a shelter. It’s wonderful that you try to live a thoughtful, decent, loving life. But I’m calling on you to do more. The need is great. The time is now. DO SOMETHING!

up 5

Let’s help each other make the world a gentler place, a place where we learn to value each other’s gifts and colors and ideas. Let’s use our big brains to do amazing things to make kids feel safe and elders feel cherished and working class people feel supported in their work, their homes, and in their dreams to send their kids to college.

up 11

This is the day.

This is hour.

This is the moment.

Promise yourself today that you’ll DO SOMETHING!

With love and a commitment to keep on keepin’ on, doing what I can in my own way, with you and all good people of honorable intent, to DO SOMETHING!

All love,

From your friend Kaitlin: light bringer, medicine woman, activist, poet, artist, friend, & dedicated doer!

in our america

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

By thundermoonstudios

A Wink & A Prayer!

away 10

I know the real saying is “a wing and a prayer” but it never hurts to give a saucy wink to the fates, does it?

On the wing of our successful trip to the Sierras to spend time with our loving families in January, we think we passed (with flying colors!) the test of our ability to travel a wee bit again while Albert enjoys a “good spell” in his cancer treatment. Soooooo–we’re off on another adventure!

away 7

If cancer teaches you nothing else, it teaches you the immense importance of being firmly planted in “NOW.” There are all sorts of other things pressing on us, jabbing us with sharp sticks, unsettling our world…but we’ve decided,

away 15


away 2

It’s hard for me, ya know? I’m the super responsible one, the always worried one, the cautious, sensible one (are you laughing?)…I had classes & clients, appointments & meetings inked in my day planner. I didn’t want to let you all down on a scheduled class. I was worried about the budget and the chance Albert may not be up to it. But…I’m learning a new way of being now. I’m listening for the siren song of “FUN” in the midst of all the chaos of cancer. My amazing Sweetheart is teaching me, through his illness, that we have new rules now, new ways of being.

away 8

Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

What the heck was I thinking, to let the idea of FUN be so often the carrot at the end of a very, very long stick of responsibilities & commitments? Why am I capable of filling the lives of others with joy, always ready to incite merriment, while denying myself those same healing hours of happiness? And why, in the name of “duty” or being a “good girl” (now I know you’re laughing–no one really thinks of me as a  good girl!), WHY have I waited soooo long in my life to just let loose and ENJOY?

escape 5

I can tell you one thing for sure…

away 9

Life is about sooo much more.

Making art, playing in the sprinklers, having a midnight picnic under a full moon. Family, friends, critters, and crazy-renegade- mischief-making sidekicks!

So we’re off on another adventure! New Mexico! The mountains. A funky little cabin. Nature. Stars. Quiet. We’re gonna unplug. Re-boot. Sleep in. Read. Make art. Stare off into space…smiling.

away 16

I’m not gonna worry about nuthin’ at all! The crazy, tragic, battered old world is gonna have to continue to spin without me. I’m skipping out for a few days, running away from home in broad daylight, playing hooky as I never did in school. I have my  Brave Girls badge that says “Closed For Renovation” pinned neatly to my “play clothes.”

And–I have a new mantra…


 I’m singing a new song…

away 4

Thanks for holding my place on the carousel (I like riding the shiny black, wild-eyed colt with the flowing mane please). I’ll be back soon  with all sorts of colorful stories to share and a very happy heart. I’m packing light, cuz remember…

away 5

Don’t forget about our awesome Soul-Full Bookmaking class with Teresa on Saturday the 17th–it’s gonna be epic!

Love from The Happy Adventuress Kait

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.



By thundermoonstudios

Moon Child Musings

feb 18 last

I was born a moon child…after midnight but before dawn on a cool, windy, September full moon. Since then, the moon has been my beloved companion & my soul’s sweet sidekick. It is my touchstone and my north star. It is my mentor and my muse.

feb 18 12

I am from a long line of healer/poet/storyteller/sages. Women who gather in circles around fires. Women who drum and dance and howl at the moon. Women who brew up mischief and merriment. Women who create. Women who cahoot. Women who defy.

feb 18 last 1

I have had deep connections with wise and holy souls all my life and been deeply honored to be trained by them in the ways and wisdoms of the ancient ones–(which promoted me to  get degrees in archaeology and eventually meet my Sweetheart on an archaeological dig–but that’s another story…)

feb 18 11

So, let it be said, I share much kinship with the crones of my various tribes. I am drawn deeply into my soul by the full moon. I am pulled into high tides of creative energy & spiritual passion by the full moon. A hundred of my life’s peak experiences have been related to the full moon. I practice full-moon rituals and celebrations and use it as a monthly opportunity to release and recalibrate. The full moon is my consort and my illuminated path.

feb 18 4

Just so you know, I’m no ne’er-do-well, fly-by-night, casual observer of the moon.

feb 18 6

Moondance by Van Morrison is my favorite song for gosh sakes!

My grandfather built an amazing celestial observatory in his back yard and I remember being absolutely enthralled by the moon’s pocked, polished surface and its suffused pearly gray light. I keenly remember the moment I realized what a tiny speck I was in the vast galaxy and how petty my tiny problems were in the realm of the greater universe.

feb 18 2

The full moon has always lured me out to gaze up in awe & wonder. I remember a hundred places around the world where I have been to greet the moon and be calmed by its luminous glow. My dear friend Mariah from Maine and I have connected across the ether that separates us every full moon for 40 years.

I love the hugeness of the moon as it lifts itself up over the mountains, spreading its glow over the landscape but I’ve always been intrigued by that very mysterious dark side of the moon that never shows its face to us on earth. I imagined as a child that there was a magical realm on that dark side–free of war and hatred, full of flowers and music…and maybe I still believe that.

feb 18 3

This magical Super Blue Blood Moon is highly charged with creative energy and a big “kick in the pants” boost to any grand dreams we have been incubating. It is a time for reflection and deep connection. It is a time for allowing both the dark and the light into our hearts in a way that allows us to stand in the lovely gray of things and not the black & white.feb 18 8

Watching the full moon rise with someone you care for is one of life’s great treasures…and I remember so many beautiful, loving faces of friends and loved ones in the luminous glow of moon and firelight.

feb 18 5

So in these perilous and fraught times, in the midst of the chaos and heart-ache that is our present world, please take a moment to go outside and bask in the full moon light. Lift up little prayers for our beleaguered planet and ALL the creatures that make their home here…sing & drum & dance & howl…and please remember that

feb 18 1

Love and Happy Full, Blue, Super Moon To You!

From Kaitlin Moon Child

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

P. S. Please come join a caravan from the Cottage to a wonderful exhibit of celestial new works from our beloved friend Catherine Nash on February 10th!

“An Inner Astronomy”  

A Solo Exhibition – Installation and Sculptural Assemblage by Catherine Nash”

February 3 – March 20, 2018

Triangle L Ranch’s Adobe Barn Gallery

2805 N Triangle L Ranch Rd, Oracle, AZ 85623  

Saturdays 10-3 pm and easily by appt.  Call

Opening Reception Saturday, February 10th, 1-5pm

The artist will talk about her work at ~3pm.

Closing Reception, Sunday March 18th, 5pm to 8pm.

The artist will talk about her work at ~6pm. 

With telescope viewing provided at Triangle L Ranch by Mike Weasner, 

Chair of the “Oracle Dark Skies Committee”  Link

Live music for both receptions by hypnopad

By thundermoonstudios

Soul Sisters!


I am blessed.

The Creative Cottage has become a such beautiful oasis of friendship, creativity, and FUN!

All my life, I’ve been a rather shy, solitary, internal, independent sort of person with friends scattered far and near. Because I wear so many hats–artist, teacher, nurse, counselor, community organizer, mentor, grant writer, and all-around wild woman activist–I have friends in many realms. I have really wonderful comrades, cohorts, and creative chums. I have great working relationships and professional partnerships. 


But I firmly believe that it wasn’t until I conjured a new life in Tucson a dozen years ago that I began to build friendships based almost entirely on “soul connection.” Friendship-building is a big part of my “oasis” concept for the Cottage. I want the Cottage to be a creative incubator on so many levels–not the least of which is the amazing, loving, supportive network of friendships the members of the Cottage weave together.


At the Creative Cottage we make art–lots and lots of art–but, more importantly, we share stories, encourage each other over the bumpy parts of our lives, and uplift each other through compassionate listening and heart-felt sharing. We talk and laugh and cry and rage and commiserate. We celebrate and lament together. And we enthusiastically activate our inner wild woman together.


It is so heartening to experience how deeply and abundantly these friendships blossom. It is so moving to watch our members support each other through health, family, & LIFE crises. It is magical to see Cottage members help each other cope, manage, mitigate, mourn, and triumph. I believe with all my heart that…


Over the almost seven years I have kept the Creative Cottage afloat, I have been blessed to watch friendships build, bond, and bloom.  I have watched shy, broken, sad, worried, ill, muddled wimmin become more sure-footed and strong, eager to raise their voices and grow into their expanding souls. I have watched wimmin who have served and sacrificed and worked long years in careers that may (or may not) have been fulfilling, or lived lives of dedication to children, parents, and work responsibilities come to the Cottage and become wonderful artists with amazing new friends.

I firmly believe…


I am so proud of the wimmin of The Cottage who so generously love and support each other. I am proud of their dedication to the work of their souls–the healing of their hearts–the strengthening of their bonds. I am proud of the way the Cottage Tribe leaps in to help me when I am down or ill or just a tad bit overwhelmed by my Sweetheart’s cancer fight.


I love that we’ve decided to embrace the Wild Woman Creed..soul4

and that we, as a tribe, have come to passionately know that


I am, indeed, blessed to be the ring-leader of this wild, crazy, wonder-filled tribe!


Thank you, my beautiful tribe, for continuing to inspire, heal, celebrate, and activate your wild womaness!

You are what keeps me going on this adventure of holding sacred space. You are what makes my heart leap with compassion and my soul quiver with joy. You are the Soul Sisters–and together we are a mighty strong band of renegade wimmin who can change the world one day, one friend, one piece of art at a time.


Thanks for holding hands and howling under the full moon together–thank you for supporting the Creative Cottage–thank you for knowing and trusting and investing in the notion that…


Thank you dear Creative Cottage Soul Sisters for being such an amazing, loving, caring tribe! I am so honored to be your Mistress of Merriment Kait.

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